anti scalp wheels


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Anybody out their change the heights on their floating deck anti scalp wheels? Here in GA you have to mow bermuda a lot shorter than the fescue. The only problem is the anti scalp wheels are much harder to change the heights. Do you guys go ahead and change the heighth or just keep them at the original level? I know it doesn't pose a problem to a lot of you, but would like to here some suggestions on the subject.


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The ones on my exmark are a PITA to reset so I set them one hole from the top, this way they are set for the closest cut my customers will need, works fine for most lawns. I will get close cut sometimes but not scalping.<p>Bill


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My Kees is pretty similar. When I bought it I was going to try to find pins to use instead of the nut/bolt set up, but I just put them in the upper position and it hasn't been a real problem.