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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by TJLC, May 9, 2002.

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    This may be a dumb question but here goes: I have a new Lazer 23 Kohler, 52" Hp. Whenever I go up too close to a concrete surface and go up on the concrete a little the anti-scalp wheels leave a dark black skidmark on the concrete surface. To me this looks bad. I try to be careful but sometimes I can't help it. My question is: Why are these wheels black? Couldn't they be made a clear color so they wouldn't leave these black marks. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks for any help.
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    Not a dumb question at all. At least not as dumb as my first answer.

    I did do some checking with engineering and they had a list of possible explanations that are too technical for me to explain so I'll stay with the simple ones. Call it a shortened version of a top ten list.

    1. Because somebody at some time chose black and now black is the standard color and all other colors cost more.

    2. Some plastics can deteriorate from the UV generated by the sun. Ironically Black is least effected and many of the clear, or lighter colors are most effected.

    3. Shows less grass stains. Clear rollers would turn green, brown etc. from the grass, sun and so on.

    4. They look good on the show room.

    5. We don't really know for sure but we do have our purchasing and engineering department looking into it now.

    Great question. Sometimes we do things just because we've always done it that way and nobody has ever asked the question. Other times there are reasons that we don't even know. We'll take a look and get any more details that we can.


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    Terry, thank you for your response. As usual you have proven why I'm glad I chose Exmark (with your informative response), the customer service is truly second to none. Again, thank you.
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    You might move your wheels up one notch. I know you are mowing shorter (warm season grasses) that I do in Missouri, but i put my wheels all the way up without a scalping problem. No marks on cement and I have not replaced scalp wheels in two years.
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    Accuratelawn, that's an idea, thanks for the response.
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    Just an FYI guys,

    Depending upon the terrain many cutters will run the rollers in the second hole from the top and not move them unless the cutting conditions dictate that it is required. In flatter areas the feedback we get is that this works pretty good.


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    I run a 60" Lazer and cut between 3.25" and 3.75". None lower, none higher. I keep my gauge wheels one hole up from the bottom. As the outer wheels wear, they get switched to the center. I have two extra wheels from where the EZ-Striper mounts, so when they wear out a bit more, I'll bring them into rotation and throw out the worst pair. As they wear, the more they will gouge turf when in use. As they wear they get more "square" and won't slide sideways as well.

    This is a useable part that will need replacement over time. They are pretty cheap!

    P.S. .....I too have noticed the black rub marks on sidewalks and curbs. They wash off in a stiff rain!
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    Terry and TLS, thank you for the added info. I figured that a good rain would probally wash off the black marks. Now if it would only rain. LOL. Today I moved my anti-scalp wheels from the 3 1/2" setting to the 3" setting . I'll see how it does tommorrow, thanks again.
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