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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mafulton, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Hello - I have an MTD lawn tractor (low end) which did not come with anti-scalp wheels. Does anyone know of an after market kit I can buy, or a bolt on part for another brand of tractor that could be used? - thanks
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    Unless your deck comes with some holes already in the deck, you are going to have to either drill holes for bolts or weld the brackets to the deck. Im not sure on the design of the deck, but Im assuming its a stamped deck (meaning the deck is all one piece that was formed in a giant press to shape it). Most home owner mower decks are relatively thin too. If the deck didnt come with anti-scalp wheels, then the deck may not be able to support the wheels. There needs to be some sort of reinforcement around the bottom of the deck to prevent the deck from bending when the wheel needs to support the weight of the deck while traveling over a bump. Some decks have an extra piece of metal (sometimes a tube or bar stock) around the bottom. Some of the decks are curled on the bottom.

    Im not sure if you follow me so think of it this way: The purpose of anti-scalp wheels is to allow the deck to pivot over a hill or bump to help avoid scalping. The wheel should be slightly lower than the deck so that when the deck approaches the hill the wheel makes contact with the hill first. The wheel then lifts the deck up and over the hill. Without the proper support that the wheel needs, the wall of the deck will just fold in because the weight of the deck will be to great. Basically make sure that the deck will have the strength to support the stress the wheels will have on the deck. If you can take some pictures and post them we can tell you if we think it will be ok.

    Really you can go to any lawn mower dealer and ask for anti scalp wheels. Then all you need is a two triangle brackets with 90 degree bends in them to bolt on to the deck. Id say drill two holes in each bracket to bolt to the deck. Then drill several holes in the triangles so you can adjust the height of the anti-scalp wheels. Then go to the hardware store, buy a bolt with the treads only at the end of the bolt and the rest of the bolt is smooth. Put a little grease on the bolt, slide the bolt through the first triangle bracket, put the wheel on, slide the bolt through the second triangle bracket and put a nut on the end.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you dont understand.

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