Anti turfung and/or rutting tips.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. So what's yours?

    When I go around a tree, I only cut just what I need to to get the triangle for the next pass back.

    Then when I come back on the neck pass, I get what I missed on the prior pass.

    I don't go around the tree.

    This helps with turfing and rutting around the tree.

    Also I make 3 point turns when it is wet to keep from making turn divits.
  2. Grass_Slayer

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    sometimes even when i make 3 pt. turns i leave divits, always try to fix them though
  3. corban

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    Lawn Godfather,
    Could you elaborate on your tip. I'm not quite catching what you are saying.

    I go real slow through low spots that hold water. Less speed means less spin-out on the grass. Also, the hover mower is a nice option to have in wet conditions where ruts may be left.

    P.S. My hover mower is still up for selling if you're interested.
  4. ADMowing

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    We use ZTRs and are very careful with our turns. We drive slow when on smaller and wet yards. Whenever possible, we mow yards in different directions each time we mow.
  5. ohiolawnguy

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    i think what LGF is saying is that he doesn't actally circle the tree. this will leave a small triangle to be weedeated on both sdes of the tree.

    I suppose it depends on the size of the tree ring, but sometimes, my guys go around them. other times on the smaller beds, i have taught them to go around as though it was a box. go part way around the tree, back up a little then turn to the left(depending on what side the discharge chute is on-left or right) a little and continue on. same thing on other side of tree ring.
  6. Correct I don't circle the tree but I do cut the triangle that would be left then back up and continue on.
  7. Runner

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    Tat, without question, is the right idea if you're running a Z. These things will tear dirt rings in in NO time with weekly circling, - no matter WHAT direction you are approaching them from, from week to week. I see it all the time on other people's work.
  8. Miller Mowing

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    I generally don't like to turn "directly in place" when it is real wet, so I have found that if you slowly start to move one of the wheels on one side or the other (on a ZTR mower) backwards, and then start moving the other wheel forward it doesn't seem to tear up the grass as bad. This is sort of hard to explain without being able to demonstrate, but I think you can figure it out real quick with a little experimenting. Many of you may do this already.
  9. SLS

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    Yeah Neal, that's the trick. Keep BOTH wheels moving at the same time while forward and one in reverse. If one tire is stationary on the turf, with all that weight on it, a divot is most likely to be created. The tire that is setting still just 'grinds' into the turf. :eek:

    It takes a little practice but after a while 'true zero turns' become natural.

    Still, on wet turf, I slow down at the end of a pass and execute a 3 point turn. Better safe than sorry. )
  10. Since my son Doug's been working I've seen these rings appearing. So it's not limited to ZTR's. I'm trying to get him to slow down and do it right like LGF describes. If he keeps up running circles around trees, I'll make him trim with the Toro 4WD! I think it has about a 6' minimum turning radius.:D


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