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Antique Granite Wall Work

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Hello Hardscapers,

Olde New England Granite/The Reed Corp are off to a big start with a giant old granite wall we just completed. Our old granite wall replaced a falling down cement block wall. The home is a period 1880's property. So in keeping with it's age the home owner wanted an old looking wall with stairs up the middle as a grand entrance to the back yard and a patio area on top (to be completed in April). Most of the granite was recoved from a 100 year old bridge. The bridge block varies from 2' to 7' in length and approx. 2' deep. Along with this antique granite wall we incorporated 2 1880's ornate topped posts that we unearthed along with several 100 others we keep at our granite farm. The posts make a great statement to the wall and property. At the base of the steps (which are old split faced curb we rescued from the Boston area), we used a mill stone that was already there on the property but not in use. This was the icing on the cake for the finished look as a landing. All of our material is very old granite and is "GREEN". Recycling is big and people these days like the fact that material is being reused and not crushed or in a landfill. Also hardscapers keep in mind old granite is LEED certified. Tax credits can be accumulated to the homeowner for certain products old reclaimed granite being one of them. But your company has to be certified along with the product to be valid. Enjoy the photos and good luck this year. Feel free to email back comments.

Granite King is back.:swedishflag:

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Wow, that looks real good. Really compliments the house. I might just be ignorant, but it might looks better if either the house or wall was a darker contrast? That's by no means a criticism on your work, as I am in no place to make suggestions, just an innocent observation. :usflag:

I'd like to be in that position someday doing work like that. Looks good.
Hi Tim,

Thank you for your reply. Good observation. In time it will age and darken to the elements where it lays now. Good luck to you.

Granite King
Oh, okay that's cool. It compliments the house very well, but I wasn't sure if that kind of job would look better if it contrasted the house instead. Thank you.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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