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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Ducke, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Been doing some follow up on calls from customers re: possibility of Chinch damage on their lawns but what we are finding is ants? I was on a lawn today that was alive with Black Ants I could see the trails of ants from my truck. In a 10' x 10' area we had about 15 ant hills. Ants are becoming a huge problem here and we can't seem to figure out why this year and why so many. We do have a pesticide ban here and can only spray or dust with organics. Dose anyone have any ideas on what we can use to control or get rid of these ants. :confused:
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    I feel for you guys in Halfax. Seems the enviro's have the big ban push on here in NB. The ant problem is the same here this year as are earwigs. Trying Scimitar with great success for the ants, but again sorry your not allowed to us it. How are the Chinch in NS this year. Few and far between here.
  3. Ducke

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    As for Chinch they are very far and few here. a couple of nymph sitings so far.
    as for the enviro's they may have been a pain at first but the chalange that they have brought upon us has been very educational and I am enjoying finding new ways to do things without using toxic chemicals. Its safer for everyone especially me.
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    Check out this site:

    Here are some links to their products:

    You may be interested in more than one product, but take a look at the TKO product and the Cedar Act for insects. Smart world is a very reputable company that does business in something like 35 countries. We are a distributor for their products in our region and also use the products for customers that request organics.

    The TKO and Cedar Act I have personally used. I sprayed White Flies in a row of Privit, and I swear they were dead in 30 minutes and we haven't seen them back in over 9 months.

    I've never used it on ants or chinch, but if you have interest in the products or have any questions, feel free to PM me. I believe you can call the guys down there and ask them about anything you like, and even order direct, or they will tell you who your local dist. is.

    Hope it helps :)
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    Has anyone ever used NEEM OIL ?
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    There several ways to organicly combat these pests. ! pour scolding hot water on the mound this may take 2 or 3 tries 2. mix the ant piles take a shovel of one pile to another and vice versa they will fight each other . this isnt as effective but it is fun to watch. And 3. this works well, cover the mound with D.E. powder (diatamoucous earth) This is a a powder that is used in swimming filters and is cheap. In the States it is organic
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    I have seen some people using an off white granular powder. Not sure what it is but I am seeing it more and more around town.
    In the news yesterday the new prison in town has had to bring in a pest control outfit due to ants overrunning the facility.
    I just can't believe how bad they are and when you attack a nest they just move a few feet along and build a new one.
    I kicked a hill today in my driveway at 7:30am when I got home at 4:30pm they had totally rebuilt it just like it was never kicked.
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    I had good luck digging out ant hills and flooding them with gas.

    The enviro's haven't banned gas . . . yet.


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