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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by fall46, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I have read several posts on products etc to use for ant control. I'm up in MN and have an influx of what I believe are sugar ants coming into the house. We have kids and have made a conscious effort to limit eating to just the kitchen but they seem to targeting 1 bedroom in particular. Now I have a exterminator coming over tomorrow He's planning on spraying exterior etc, but am a bit nervous about him spraying the inside due to my kids being young and on the floors often. Any one product I should request for the interior with the kid issue in mind? Would baits me more appropriate? It sounds like for specific ants you want to use a certain product or you run the risk of trapping inside the wall......Anything you can share would be appreciated. I like to ensure the approach and product he suggests makes sense

    Thanks in advance
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    He most likely will use something like Suspend or Tempo or some other Pyrethoid. Those can be used in a commercial kitchen if the food is covered. I would also request ant baits be put out as that is the only way to kill the queen which need to be done.
    P.S. They must have found some food.
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    well you could try the phantom crack and crevase treatment on the inside. Then follow up with termidor outside (would be my choice). These are non repellants and will keep you from trapping th inside, but this is hard to make the call with out knowing which ants you are dealing with. These 2 products are very effective on social insects. Baits are another option but much slower feel free to pm me
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    lets assume they are sugar ants or pavement ants
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    i agree with A.T.A.K. TERMIDOR outside is awesome on ants. be carefull on baits inside the home, if they are coming from outside, you will atract them to the inside. most ant activity coming from outside can be addressed from there, with minimal inside spraying.
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    He sprayed Temprid SC by Bayer around the foundation..and in a few spots inside. Any comments on this product?
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    I personally would have used a different product... Temprid is a combo of Tempo & Premise. Termidor & Phantom is probably a better combo, but IS more costly...
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    Good to know on Termindor..I just bought 2 bottles.
  10. A.T.A.K

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