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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gregory, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. gregory

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    i have been battling ants inside my house for awhile now they are little blk ants the run around like they are drunk they are in the bathroom on the counter there is no food in there no hairspray on the counter so why are they in there ?there is nothing to eat in there...i have been using TERRO they really like that stuff they eat it and leave for a few days but then they come back....i put out talstar b/c of other problems in the yard i would have thought between that and the terro on the counter i would have gotten rid of them but they are still here any help with this problem.....
  2. silverscapes

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    talstar no ordor ......spray around doors and base board under sink where your hoses come through the wall :usflag:
  3. bug-guy

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    crazy ants

    i would look for a non-repellant insecticide like phantom or premise in liq form.
    follow label directions... the great thing about non repellants you do not have to locate the nest just lightly mist any ants you see forging and let them be...
    they will take the pesticide back to the colony and transfer it to the rest of their nest mates through their social behavior( kind of like how we spread the flu to friends) premise is a great insecticide for perimeter treat ments around the outside of the home to keep the little buggers out.
    repellants like talstar will usually drive them into the voids but will return shortly
  4. teeca

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    i used suspend a few weeks ago as a perimiter/indor spray, plus added a few bait traps, seems to have worked so far... and also it is oderless as well. i've used it in the past for fleas, and had good results.
  5. GTP

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    Stay with the Terro for Crazy Ants, it works. You can also do a perimeter spray of bifenthrin. 10 foot band plus 3 foot up the walls.
  6. Greg Amann

    Greg Amann LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like either crazy ants or white footed ants.
    I have great results using phantom on the interior and termidor on the exterior.
    If they are white footed ants baits will not work. Crazy ants will feed on Terro but the queens can reproduce faster than you can kill off the workers.
  7. bug-guy

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    i agree basf has a great indoor outdoor progarm with termidor and phantom.
    in some places they require a partner # to purchase these product where bayer with premise does not.
  8. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    tks guys i will try spraying premise then can i get that at lesco or maybe pro source one?
  9. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    what about demon?

    MNmasterEXTERMINATOR LawnSite Member
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    Use Phantom, it will knock em out. All I use is Phantom/ Termidor for past three years, never had one call back yet with just one treatment.

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