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    i just moved to a new house in eastern nc.

    my yard is infested with ant mounds of all different shapes and sizes.

    i've tried granulated ant killer fron walmart. it kiled some of thr mounds. some just moved a few feet away and some ( the red ones ) don't even mind the poison.

    i want the ants gone but i don't want to fry my yard, what can i do?
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    At the top of the page is a search feature. Type in "Fire Ants" and look for a post with my screen name. If you find that post it will explain a lot about controlling them. If you have any question just post to that thread and I or someone will answer your question.
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    Fire ants are hard to control and they're on the march north. I was servicing (pest elimination) a Chilis in W-S and they had fire ants in a parking island, sod from South Carolina. Years ago when I live in Brandon, Fla I had a boat and they climbed up the bahia grass and got on the motor and climbed into the boat. Didn't know they were there until I got out into the gulf. Anyway, it was before I got into pest control and someone told me to try grits. It worked but, it's a long slow way to do it and it won't screw up your yard. You have to apply the grits AROUND the mound lightly and every day because they're worthless after the dew hits them.
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    Grits??? ROFLMAO. Your dry sense of humor is killing me. The problem is someone just might believe you.

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