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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Wilson's Lawnscape, Nov 1, 2011.

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    A few months back, I became very interested in starting up my own business on the side as an extra income to provide better for me and my family. I have always been very creative and VERY O.C.D when it came to my home, lawn, and property especially. It is something that I take alot of pride in. So with that being said, I decided months back to take this and use this to my advantage and start up my own business venture and give this dedication to other people who may need my services. Nothing fancy...Just basic lawn care (cutting, edging, trimming) and as I become more familiar with the trade, maybe branch out to something extra (planting, mulching, etc.). But first things first. I'm want to start small. I am in the process of purchasing the equipment needed for the basics I mentioned. (zero turn mower, trimmers, blowers). I have researched this for a while now so I will know what to expect in the months to come. I am not looking to get rich in this venture, just provide a little better and run a successful business on the side of my primary employment.

    Like I said, I am very green when it comes to this as far as on-hand experience but I WILL take a lot of pride in what I do once this is up and running and ANY FEED-BACK would be greatly appreciated!! I already have a few potential customers for the Spring of 2012. NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE!! (quoting, insurance, equipment, just basic start-up info for the little people please!) THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
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    Search works better then you asking for blanket feedback!
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    Pawn shops are a good place to find blowers, trimmers, etc. Once you get enough equip to do basic jobs come up with a proper marketing plan and stick to it. Get liability insurance. Join manta and make sure you subscribe to the "manta tip of the day". Good luck
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    What I read here is someone who isn't doing their homework. What you described as your wishes to bring in extra income is nothing more than rolling over money. You need more than a couple accounts to make profit for expenses incurred for this venture you describe. IMO you need to sit down with pen and paper add all those expenses for start up and figure how many accounts you can handle and see what you come up with. For a guy who intends on doing this for a second income after his primary job is done for the day you limit yourself to time spent on customers property to give these people a decent job you describe you do on your own property.

    I am not against anyone who wishes to start a business, just make sure if you do so you understand the business as a whole. Mowing lawns and trimming is only a small portion of what you need to understand. How about learning about the lawns health? What do you know about diseases or for that matter grass type? Can you walk onto a property with a problematic lawn and give the customer a breakdown of what is needed to restore their property to what it should be? Or properly maintain it to keep it healthy. In other words what is your knowledge to become a LCO. How much experience do you have under your belt?

    My suggestions to you is this;
    Get reading and studying about lawn care.
    Know proper care of turf.
    Learn to properly identify Turf types, turf diseases and other problems and cures that is associated with turf care.
    Be the best you can be!

    While this might sound harsh to you it is only here to open your eyes to the fact that some of us put years into this business and done their homework and schooling to do a job we love. We love to see others follow our dreams yet hate to see others who are only in it for a part time effort. I really do wish you the best but hope you understand that just cutting grass is only the the tip of the iceberg of what you should know to get into this endeavour of yours.
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    Craigslist is always a good spot to find EVERYTHING you need. My number one suggestion is to be prepared to turn work down. If you don't turn down the occasional cheapskate you will opening yourself up to get low-balled by many clients.
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    You are on a great start. You have found LawnSite! We have run our lawn service "part time" for ten years now. We go to both university and tec college training courses every year. I am a national as well as a regional certified turf grass specialist. I still learn from LawnSite and come back here at lest weekly. If you are going to go for the long run and stay with this, buy new equipment. Plan on spending more money than you take in for the first 3-4 years. In the fourth or fifth year if you work hard at it, you will have one hell of a nice second income. Keep training and keep reading this site.

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