Any 1 man crews out there?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by printer88, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Crisplawn

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    This is my first year. Just getting going but all the principles that make any business successful apply. Good marketing, great service, good equipment promptness work great. I see a truck on every corner of our town with nice mowers etc. But I have simply been nice, proffessional, and went extra mile on every property... Some people see that I mow, load mower, get out weed eater, painstakingly weed eat, then edge, then blow. They see that i take care of their yard like it is my own. sometimes these really efficient lawn services are there own worst enemy. I mean they hit a yard with 3 guys do good work but are gone in 20 minutes. no relationship with customer. I mow less yards do it myself probably make as much money and have very happy customers. It just depends on your goals. I used to have another biz with many employees etc. just no longer need or want...
  2. chuacro

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    I have been solo for 5 years. I do well enough to take most of the winter off. If I find the right person to help me we both could do this and that person will take over a good business.
  3. printer88

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    makes sense, I think the customer relationship is very important.
  4. Neil M

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    I'm solo, this is my 7th season and have fifty some accounts done in 4 days. I do have my 19 year old son help me on the mulch and bush trimming days because he needs the money and I can fit more jobs in that day. Would like to eventually have a two man crew and I just do sales and small odd jobs as I get older. But I love being my own boss, wife gets jealous.
  5. rmcouto

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    Been solo for 6 years. I have a full time job which I work for a large company and started landscaping as a hobby and to make a little extra cash. So six years later I am still going strong putting in about 20 hours a week and enjoy every second of it.
  6. Penncare

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    I am quasi solo and like it that way. My daughter helps out (17) on most everything when not in school or activities and also a couple of my friends when I get a larger job that requires a strong back.
  7. macgyver_GA

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    I'm a solo part time operation. Currently have 17 accounts. I work a 9-5 corporate job and mow in the evenings after work. Weather permitting, I can split them up and get all the mowing done 4 nights a week and still get 3 days off. I got everything done in 3 days this week. Then spent wednesday putting out fert. It does get a little hectic in the spring with mulch/pine straw jobs.

    A couple weeks ago I had to hire a buddy of mine as a helper to knock out all my yards in one day before I left to go on a week-long family vacation. Fortunately, he has worked for an LCO in the past so he knows what he's doing and I didn't have to babysit him. We got all 17 done in 5 hours total. Not bad for it being his first time working with me since he doesn't really know my "routine". The one thing that wasted a lot of time was I didn't have two backpack blowers, Only 1 so there was a little thumb twiddling waiting for one another to finish blowing. I did all the mowing and he did everything else. Luckily I have two trimmers so I was able to do some trimming if I finished mowing before he was done.
  8. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Solo for 2 years
  9. 123hotdog

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    Been solo since 06. I have a part time guy that has a regular third shift job. He only works when I do the big lawns and multiple townhouse properties where I can't get it done alone in 90 minutes. He also works on all mulch, brush, and tree jobs, or anything else for that matter where there is allot of manual labor.
  10. Fwilamosky

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    Solo here for 6 years, i will hire out some help for the spring months just for the mulching and clean up jobs to maximize the amount of jobs i do, but i'm also very cautious about how long jobs will take and my profit margin. always gotta run the numbers. i hope next year to be able to hire out a crew to mow for 4 days and then have an extra 20-25 a week for myself to do

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