Any 1 man crews out there?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by printer88, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I work alone 95% of the time. Ask my future brother in law to help on clean-ups and leaf pick up, thats it. He is the only one I will take with me because he works and does the jobs how I want them to be done. However, I like working on my own because I know the work is done right and the customers are happy.

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    this thread has got me worrying about expanding... i am solo and have posted in this thread, and it seems i can stay solo and make a great living without employee headaches...

    it would be nice to sit in the office while others mow however...
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    yes this is a huge reason i stay solo. because when i do the work i know it's done the way i want it done and more importantly the way the client wants it done.

    when i do ask for a help here and there on larger projects i always have the help doing the "crap" work. like if i'm pruning shrubs, i'm the one pruning and they are the one's with the rakes and bins loading up the debris.

    yeah i think it would be nice to be the one sitting in the office all the time or running around doing estimates all the time instead of the one out in the field.

    but you can make a good living depending on how you live staying solo.
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    how much do you solo ops pull in per year around??

    i did solo for many years up until this one and i hated it...really boring lonely and get burnt out towards the end of the year plus it takes forever to do some properties it seems

    i hired someone this year once i trained him thought he was a great worker sped things up and seems great now i think im going to lose him because winter is not steady work...
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    another solo here with help from my 15 year old boy. Problem is this...busiest season for me is the spring. When it rains its hard to keep up, but ive only been running a 22 inch mower. When you start running out of time, its time to start considering streamlining the processes, so Ive taken a close look at each property to see where i can save time while maintaining quality. I have a ztr that needs repairs over the winter that I picked up for 250 bucks. So hopefully i wil have that timesave available come spring to assist in keeping up. That should help some. We shall see....Things are definitly slowing down for the season now though. Ive picked up a handfull of new customers this year too, so i really dont know how this will all play out in the spring. I hope to be able to keep up. I may do like others are doing, and have a buddy from my primary job help me in the spring. I just do the lawns part time, so if catching up is necessary, typically it means working weekends, and getting the boy involved. He is good help though....and learning the ropes.

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    Solo here for 3 almost 3 years. Last 2 season's i did everything alone, Now I try to get help on bigger projects when they come in.... It Def has it's up's and down's but i really cant complain! If you keep a packed tight route, a helper for a half day or a day can really benefit you, you have to plan/think ahead to make sure there is profit.

    Next mowing season ill do what ive always done, start solo until it gets warm and see how the season goes. I have been realizing i need at least a 48 where i am. I can do at least all my front yards with it (lot of back gates here )
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    There are times when I think a two man crew is more efficient though. During the "growing season" i think the fastest and most profitable for most smaller residentail lawn care lots would be a two man crew that works well together, and knows what they are doing.

    Ive noticed that when my son is helping and has "his head in the game" we can really "mow and go" from one house to another and bang them out.

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  9. jrs.landscaping

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    This is the problem we run into as well. Guys like working during peak season, then November hits and they want to stay home, because busy work is "boring." Also just because you have a mowing crew doesn't mean you'll be sitting in an easy chair :laugh:. If you are solo and are worried about employees, I would stay solo. In most cases employees are more of a headache than they are worth IMO.
  10. wegomow

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    My first year and I have been a one man show unless the wife helps, then it's a one man one woman show. We've grown a business before in photography, still have it but things have slowed down. We remember when we hired our first employee, then at the peak we had 6 employees and we worked harder and worried more. Our income did increase but so did the headaches. I vow to work this business smarter. Working harder so employees can get paid is not my business model this time around. I work smarter, keep the good accounts and cut the lousy, whiney ones loose and never take on a job I don't want to do. I love working for myself and by myself I'm the best boss / employee
    I ever had!

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