Any 19/52 Bob-Cat mower owners out there?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Juan_Deere, Aug 23, 2007.

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    I was thinking of picking up a Bob-Cat lawn mower. My main question is whether anybody owns and regrets getting the 19HP Kawasaki engine with the 52 inch mower deck. It kind of sounds like it would be underpowered some, although the dealer claims they have never had a complaint, and hae sold that combo many times.

    I can get the 19/52 for $6999, although I have seen them online for $6299, so there would definitely be some negotiating going on there. Also, another dealer is selling the 25HP Kawasaki with the 52 inch mowing deck. That one is going for $7999, but I have also seen that one online for $6999.

    I know the 25HP would do the job with no problem, but at that point, I am getting concerned with fuel consumption. I went from using a John Deere riding mower(17HP) with a 4 gallon tank and being able to mow about 7 times before needing to refuel, to a Gravely zero-turn(23HP) with a 7 gallon tank and being able to mow about 6 times before a refuel. I can just imagine how much the 25HP is going to guzzle.

    I am mowing mainly centipede, bermuda, or a mix of the two with a very few other grasses and weeds thrown in.

    I checked the threads that came up on the search feature, and they are mostly of people saying they like their bobcats, but they don't state which set up they have, or they are referring to WBs. Thanks for any info.
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    Another member just bought a used 19/52 Bobcat and says he likes it. I've demoed that machine but decided I'd rather stick with a 52" hydro wb at the moment.
    They have a promotion on all season for the 61"/25hp kawasaki. Its going for $7995.

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