Any advantage of a fixed deck over a floating?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jajwrigh, Dec 22, 2003.

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    1. a lot cheaper, thus saving you $
    2. I cut only St. Augustine @ 4", so fixed once and never change height, no need for expensive floater.
    3. Scalping? a fixed 36" and 48" don't scalp "IF" you know your mower ability and character i.e., when and where and do and don't, etc. Even floaters DO scalp if you are not experienced.
    BTW, the fixed deck performs excellent on slopes and hills, once done it gives hill a smooth looking lawn appealing to eyes.
    4. fixed deck is like solid one piece and it gives better feelings of cutting instead of "hanging" by 4 pins, to me it is more agile and compact lean than floaters.

    Whatever deck you like, it is your money and business. If I have money to "burn" I would go floater on 52" and 48", and fixed on 36", cause floater has a lot more toys to play than fixed, like striping, etc.
  3. brucec32

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    weighs less
    may be stronger

    I would always choose a floating deck whenever possible, though, since the advantages of the ease of height adjustment and cut quality in certain terrain outweigh the above.
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    All good responses.

    The floaters can help prevent scalping in hilly, or uneven terrain. The belt adjustments are simpler and easier on a floating deck, cutting height adjustment is much easier and actually simpler on the floating deck as well. The floating deck is probably stronger and can absorb more impacts in its life with less chance of damage.

    It's also easier to change blades on the floating deck because the blade bolt is much shorter. The fixed deck uses a "through" bolt that runs the length of the spindle shaft. This requires an impact gun or a wrench on the top and bottom of the spindle.

    The fixed decks are great machines...........they just don't have as many bells and whistles as a floater.


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    Unless I went to 52" or greater I would keep the fixed decks. I've never had a problem with any of my fixed deck mowers. 36" fixed never scalps, and the 48" scalps very seldom. After you cut a property once you don't have that problem again.
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    I noticed that with my 32" fixed deck, the max cutting height is about 3 1/2" unless I remove most of the spacers under the spindle, which will probably affect cut quality (I'll be mulching also) to a degree. I assume it's because of the small tires on it. What's the max cutting height for the 36" deck models with 3 spacers under the spindles/above the blades? (the recommended # for best cut). I need to cut at up to 4.25".
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    The 32", 36" and 48" Metro's all have a 1.00" - 4.25" cutting height range. You will need to move the rear axle to get the maximum or minimum cutting heights. You should be able to cut as high as 3 1/2" with 3 spacers below the spindle. Depending upon the grass your cutting you could possibly remove one more spacer and not see a great deal of change in the cut quality. It all comes down to how much grass your cutting off and the condition of the grass.

    Good luck,


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