Any advice for someone new to hauling a trailer

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RonWin, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Were you smart enough to try? :laugh:

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    Ever notice how nice the scenery looks while driving?:)
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    Aside from the importance of having the correct size ball and a proper connection (lights/chains/pin through latch), the aspect of "towing" is relatively straightforward.
    BACKING UP, on the other hand, can cause your head to explode the first time you try it.
    If you are married, I strongly suggest that you ask your wife to go read a book or something rather than stand there yelling "CUT IT THE OTHER WAY!" That isn't "helping" - trust me.

    Someone who is watching the trailer has no idea what YOU are doing at the moment when they tell you to "go the other way" and I can't tell you how many times my blood pressure hit the boiling point because there's a string of vehicles piling up waiting to get down the street while my wife is yelling "go the other way!" - and she's WRONG.

    All I ever ask for is to tell me how close I am to something when the trailer is turned and is not visible from my seat. Just tell me when I need to stop - don't tell me to "cut it the other way!"

    (end rant) :laugh:

    When backing up, place one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. As you start backing up, if you want the back of the trailer to go toward the passenger side, move your hand toward that side. (turning wheel counterclockwise - hand traveling from 6 O'clock up towards 3 O'clock)

    Here's a link that explains it a little.

    It takes practice. Smaller trailers are more difficult to back up.
    We have a 25' camping trailer that I can swing back into our driveway with relative ease, but my little 5x8 utility trailer is a pain in comparison.

    Good luck, be safe, and congrats on the purchase!
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    Before you get in your truck be sure to check that:

    Your hitch and chains are secured.
    Your equipment is secured to the trailer.
    Your brake wiring is connected.
    If you have a tilt bed trailer be SURE the bed is locked in its down position.
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    I agree, take your turns a bit wider. Take off slow from stoplights so your equipment doesn't swing back on our trailer or stuff coming off our trailer.
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    I learned how to manuever a trailer when I bought my jetski and had to drop it in the water. I also found its much easier to put those bright orange rods where there trailer wheels are if you can't see well behind.

    Another thing that helps is weight and speed. The slower you go, the more you can control it going back straight. Having weight helps keep it going straight too. Once the jetski was off and I had to back the trailer into the water again, it would wander pretty quickly.

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