any advice for the new guys?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RYNK, Jul 20, 2001.

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    I work in a hospital on the night shift 3 days a week. I 'am interested in starting up a small landscaping business on my days off. I own a scag hydro walkbehind (48"), shindiawa trimmers, and just bought a core areator. I have done some part-time landscaping work before to help out a friend. Any advice to get started in the business? thanks in advance...
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    your work is your signature. whether you are making money or
    have under bid. do the best you can do or dont do it.
    over time , thats what people will think of when your service is mentioned . good luck
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    SO SO SO TRUE!!!!!
    Do quality work and the jobs will keep comming to you. :D
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    i would second erics post. it makes it a lot easier to give advice
    if we know the info in the profile. now let me look at mine an see if its all their.:)

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