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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cmo, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. cmo

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    I'm just starting out as well I'm also doing full pest control services. My goal is 20 yards and 30 monthly PC accounts by June 1st. I'm going to start door to door sales on February 1st. Anyone feel like this is realistic. My market is around 250,000 people. Thanks for any help. Also I quit a 55k a year job to do this sometimes I feel like I've gone crazy. And if anyone could give me a name for a good website developer I would appreciate it. Thanks to everyone great site and resource I've been glued to it for a month.
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  2. larryinalabama

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    You may have to knock on a lot of doors or pass out a lot of flyers but your aera is large and you may very well reach your goal. Yes quitting a 55k job is crazy, but it should inspire you to hussle.
  3. tonygreek

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    Have you visited the Web Site Discussion sub forum on here? I'd recommend spending some time reading that and then you should have a better understanding of what you need, what to watch out for, and then fire away with any questions. Also, I highly recommend coming up with a budget. Regardless of what it is, we can help you to best allocate it, whether via a DIY effort, hiring out, or a mix of both.
  4. szykan

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    I think you can do it, but it will be tuff. I would check out all the videos on door to door sales on youtube. There are some great tips there. For website I use Larry at The Print and Web People.
    He is building my site now.
    Tell him Scott Zykan referred you. Good luck
  5. cmo

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    Scott I'm 4 hours SW from you. Thanks the advice guys. I couldn't believe it when I found this site. There's a lot of decent people here giving advice when there is zero in it for them. Do you all think door to door is my only option to get that much business right away. How have mailers or door hangers etc. treated you all.
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  6. Sprinkler Buddy

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    It's possible but don't beat yourself up if you don't reach your goal by the deadline. One seldom gets ahead without taking some educated risk. Most companies grow as their reputation grows, this takes time. Don't sell yourself short when bidding to reach your goal account #'s, if you do, chances are you wont make it in the long run.
  7. cmo

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    That's the main theme that I've read on here not to underbid. I can definitely see were it would
    be hard not to under bid yourself when you need work.
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  8. szykan

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    I underbid a job last year about $1500 in labor costs last year. That wasn't the problem I had though. My problem came after that when I got "gun shy" and started over bidding because I got scared to not underbid anything. I went through about $30,000 in wasted estimates, about 12 bids before I took a step back and reevaluated my bidding process. That was the lesson that I learned. You've got to find what works for your business. Fine line between profit and I won't do it for less.

    What part of MO are you in? I'm in Troy, MO.
  9. cmo

    cmo LawnSite Member
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    Springfield, MO

    I plan on doing all my bids according to a certain percentage of profit. I'm Solo.
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  10. CPE

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    Are you sure you need to pay someone to do a website? They aren't that hard to do. That plus Facebook pages and free website hosting seems like it would get it done for a startup.

    But check out the website discussion forum I'm sure there's tons of good info there.

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