any advie on shopping for a new 'green industry' accountant

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GarPA, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. GarPA

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    I have to get a new accountant...current one just doesn't understand our biz....I HATE to shop for an accountant. Is there any national assoc I can start with and then drill down to a local level ?? I'd like to start with a search that focuses in on the construction/services sector....any tips you might have on how you found a good one would be helpful...just had a brainstorm as I'm typing this....I guess I could call a couple of the more successful LCOS in my town and ask them who they are using?? thanks much...any other ideas?
  2. Mataman

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    BINGO, that's what I would do
  3. rodfather

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    Hey Gary...what part of the biz is it he/she doesn't understand?

    Maybe you got to sit down with them and go over some things with them...educate 'em if ya know what I mean. That's what I did with mine. And, not all at once...over a year maybe.

    In fact, when it came to the Chart of Accounts that I use with my QuickBooks program, I told them the way I was going to set it up, not vice versa. Since I use it everyday, and they only use once a month, I had the upper hand.

    Plus, I'm the one flippin' the bill.
  4. GarPA

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    Rod...the one I have now does not seem very creative when I ask him how we should handle a certain expense item or issue ,he doesn't seem too creative.......I do my own 'paperwork' and filing...what I want to pay an accountant for is advice and consulting on rules and guidelines...I'm not going to kill myself trying to keep up with the rules and you well know, the hours we spend running these small businesses are enormous as it is...I keep meticulous records ....but I just dont have the time for interpreting the IRS and state rules
  5. Sean Adams

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    check with your local chamber of commerce, local SBDC, and your local Small Business Administration chapter. They should be able to lead you in a good direction.

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