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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigpoppapump, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Hi to everyone. Just wanted to know if I am doing the right thing?I am just starting my business and have tried to do all the right things.Have gotten licenses,insurance.signs.t-shirts,trailer,commercical mower (hydro bobcat).Have already signed three for a major landscaping job.I am currently looking for a good landscaping software.Some tell me that I am crazy for doing this because,I have a degree in business And could be doing other things.I am currently a master technican for general motors.I am doing this so that my kids my take over some day
  2. tinman

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    good luck. Nothing wrong with doing this with a degree in Business...afterall it is just that....a business.
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    Hi bigpoppapump,

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    Hey I was an executive and general manager with Walgreens for 10 years to leave and do this...but just be careful on how much you pay for the software. I have Pro Landscape with I feel is the best out there but it also runs around $1400.00. Unless you have the jobs lined up and are on the top of your game just stick with something simple like landscape design software which you can find at (I think) Pro landscape you can find at Either way plan carefully because one screw up and you know how bad word spreads. Just start with simpler jobs and work up. I know that customers appreciate the honesty. When I first started a detailed job came my way and I told them straight that I couldn't bid on it because I felt my experience was not there yet. A few years later they hired me at top dollar for a total renovation. Good Luck!

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