Any Ajuga experts out there?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by LarryF, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. LarryF

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    I've got some patches of it growing in parts of my property I seldom go near, and I'd like to transplant them to a hill I have which has always been tough to mow. There's not much of the wild stuff compared to what I really need, but at the prices I see for flats on the web, I think I might have a few hundred dollars worth. My first question is when should I do the transplanting, now in the early fall or should I wait until Spring? Second question is.............Anyone know of an inexpensive source for Ajuga? I have a couple of thousand square feet of hill I'd like to cover with it (I'll probably do the plugs on a one-foot grid), so I'm looking for a bargain. The web sites I looked at don't seem to be any less expensive than what Home Depot/Lowes wanted for it last time they had it in stock.
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    Seeing where you are, I'd say wait until spring. It dies off and comes back down here, but we don't get near the low temps as yous guys up north. If you're going to propogate from what you already have, do it just after the first bloom stacks errode. It's a hardy little plant that will grow across a sidewalk just from the little runner stems until it gets to more dirt. Not very drought tolerant though, but sprinkle a little water on it when it's wilted and it perks back up in a days time. (around here anyway)
  3. LarryF

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    Thanks for the response. If there are any others out there who can add anything, especially an inexpensive sourse for Ajuga, I'd like to hear from you. The prices I've seen on the web are about $5 a plant or $100 for a flat of 24. 1/4 to 1/10 of that is what I would like to pay seeing how much I would need. And that leads me to another question. Since I often see deer, rabbits and ground hogs in my yard, I was somewhat surprised to find these wild-growing patches of the plant. Don't they eat them? The leaves look pretty juicy.......almost appetizing enough to be in a salad. If I were to start transplanting to that hill I mentioned and later supplement that work with plants I would be buying, isn't that going to become a banquet table for the animals mentioned?
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    Transplant what you have and fertilize it. I've killed enough of it in lawns to know it can be pretty tenacious stuf.
  5. LarryF

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    Thanks! I presume you mean transplant it now?
  6. LarryF

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    No one volunteered an answer, so I looked elsewhere for one. After some browsing I found that as far as deer are concerned, the answer is no, they don't eat ajuga. It's so repulsive to them, in fact, that some plant ajuga because it functions as a deer barrier. I thought that was pretty interesting and thought I'd share it with anyone who didn't already know it.
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    Look at
  8. LarryF

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    Thanks for the web site, but they also charge about a hundred bucks for 24. That's only enough for about 24 square feet, and my hills cover about 3-to-4 thousand square feet. I'm going to pass until I find some place that's a lot cheaper. I can't see spending thousands on this. If I can't find a source that's an order of magnitude less expensive, I'll give up the idea or I'll transplant the ones that are growing wild, and if they take and start to spread, I'll break them up and transplant over and over for the next few years. This isn't a high-priority project for me even though the hills are horrible to mow.

    It would be nice to know the best time to do the transplanting. One of the responses said to do it in the Spring, but I got the impression from another that now in the Fall would be the right time. Any more input on that?
  9. Kate Butler

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    I get a catalog from a place called Joyce's Groundcovers and think they're reasonable. Don't seem to have a website, but here's the phone #:

  10. LarryF

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    Thanks Kate,

    I'll call them tomorrow.

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