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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Supper Grassy, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. birddseedd

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    you can also just copy the addresses in order then use the copy paste area to bring the same map back up.
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  2. jeannewyatt

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    I use a blackberry for scheduling. The calander is the best I have seen. You can schedule repeats at any interval, like my fert accounts every 6 weeks. Then quickbooks at home for billing and records.
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  3. birddseedd

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    6 weeks is a lot of fertilizer
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  4. kemco

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    Serviceautopilot (.com) is awesome. Been using it for about 4 years. All customer stuff and schedule is on server so I can access it at anytime with my smart phone. Scheduling and routing system is worth the price alone. Too many features to list... so many I don't even use but a fraction of them. Customer service is great. No, I don't work for them or get anything for the promo, Im just very happy with the system. I originally found out about it on Lawnsite.
  5. zacher

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    several apps I use...

    SignEasy for documents it allows PDF files to be sent to your phone you edit them, including you actually using a swipe finger signature, saving multiple copies and sending them back. Great for contracts.

    Spending is another one...just allows income and expenses to be tracked..literally takes two seconds to put in information and you get a chart at the end of however long period you want. I do monthly and weekly. Also allows you to work against a fixed budget

    Square for card transactions

    When I worked climbing cell towers this company used this program I want to find I cant remember the name of it exactly...Best Ive seen and free. But is a time card. You punch in your pin in and out. So I could finally start truly keeping track of hours that way
  6. Danmow13

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    I have started using getjobber, Love it
  7. StockmanLawnscape

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    Same here. Just bought an iPad to use on site, so I started the 30 day trial of Jobber. Really solid program. There isn't an app (that I'm aware of), but i just open it in my browser and it works great. They even called me out of the blue to ask if I had any questions about how t use the program. Most likely going to buy 2 more iPads for other management personal and sign up full time with Jobber after the 30 day free trial is up.
  8. goel

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    Might be timestation. U can print a bar code and scan it or just punch in your number.
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  9. zacher

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    No it wasn't timestation... It seemed like a Microsoft program I remember the setup and the logo for the app seemed very Microsoft like..
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  10. Jobber

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    Hey everyone,

    Heard my name and just wanted to drop in quickly with some info.

    Some people are asking about a native app for Jobber —*currently our mobile application is accessible via the web; this means it's accessible from *any* mobile device (not just an iPhone or Android), and it works very well, with a look & feel similar to an iPhone app.

    That being said, we have native mobile apps for both iPhone and Android in the works, so that *will* be coming down the pipe!

    Also heard some talk about punch card style tim tracking, and am happy to announce that we recently released Timers for Jobber's Timesheets Add-on. Timers work just like punch cards and allow you and your team to clock-in/clock-out of jobs and tasks. Our customers are already finding this to be a huge benefit, providing much better accountability for their team, and insight into how a day is spent. Check out the Timers Announcement and How They Work Here.

    Sam @ Jobber

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