Any Arizona cutters out there?

Discussion in 'Network: West' started by Joel B., Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Joel B.

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    I don't even know if there is any grass to cut in Arizona but Arizona is on the list of possible places to move also (wife's job could transfer easily). Again. looking for the "Good, Bad, and Ugly of living in Arizona. Can you tell I'm tired of being cold???

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    Joel B.
  2. EvandSeby

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    I really love living in the Phoenix area. Most new houses are being built with very limited turf areas. But there is a ton of work out there for trimming, blowing and the like. I am a solo operator with 10 years in business, but just 2 in this area. There is a huge amount of fly-by-night LCO's but this just separates me from the competition. Standard lot size maintenance goes for about $25-30 per visit ,mowing (usually only about 1000- 2000 sq.ft. of turf), edging, shrub trimming, rock mulch blowout. My average time for this size lot is 30-35 minutes, and am always looking to improve my efficiency. The commercial side of the business is handled by some pretty big and successful outfits. For example, at a stop light I pulled up to a rig with the lettering of one of the more successful outfits in Scottsdale with everything new, truck, trailer, mowers trimmers, easily $150k invested. It looked like it wasn't even 1 day old and this is late September when many places in the United States are slowing down for the year. My business has been successful for two main reasons....1)It is hot for many months out of the year, and people just don't do their own yard work( I believe it is because they isolate themselves from the environment, Air conditioned house, car, office, etc. and 2) I have a firm command of the English language and can upsell soil amendments and extra services that my competition cannot. I think more competent LCO's should consider AZ...Hope this helps

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