any body else having a problem with thieves?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by o it grew landscaping, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. o it grew landscaping

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    i went out to my trailer this morning, and it took me a while to notice because i was warming up the equiptment. i went to put gas in a mower, and shockingly, both my gas cans were stolen.....they were both full also. ive left everything in my trailer at night unlocked for about 3 years now, and this one mishap, now i have to take everything out and put it in the back, lock down the trailer really tight and double check everything in the morning. pisses me off, but i dont want anything else stolen..............
  2. Kumi

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    gas prices are outragious. i doubt they would try to steal anything else. if they did,it would be small stuff. but with gas the way it is,some people resort to stealing it. i have a couple suggestions for you. first,you could buy a metal box big enough to fit gas cans in,then padlock it and chain it to the trailer. or you could get some 2x4's & plywood and build a shed for you to back your trailer into,disconnect it,then padlock the door.

    i would chain and padlock my mowers,blowers,trimmers,ect. for the gas cans it wouldn't help much because they could just pour the gas out into another can and run off with your gas. for the gas you should build a box with a heavy padlock that you can chain to the trailer with a thick chain and another heavy padlock.

    you should be able to build a box for relatively cheap. if you want i can even draw a basic plan for one. metal would be more expensive but safer. 2x4's would work just fine. if you want to really stick it to the assholes,put a hidden camera by the trailer.

    if it happens again,you'll have their face and all the cops have to do is run it through their fancy do hicky's and they already have solid evidence against the gas crooks. :hammerhead:
  3. East Lawn

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    I keep all my equipment locked up in the garage at night. I did have a weedeater stolen off the trailer while a crew was out mowing a large property. I still wonder if it wasn't purposely discarded by an employee as it was getting to be old and not the best running.
  4. Adam3669

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    my brother recently got a metal box stollen out of the back of his was a struggle for he and his buddy to even move it around. Sometimes i wonder how people do this kind of junk
  5. Lawn Masters

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    I simply have a secure facility that I keep my stuff in now, with a barn to lock it in at night. you're NOT going to go through the yard of a $400K home, over an 8' high chainlink fence, past the barbed wire, and back JUST to steal something.
  6. Full throttle lawn care

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    I installed video surveillance system last year on my house after my truck was broke into and they stole my glock 27 out of the console. So now I rest easy and wait for it to pay off. It's really your only defense against crack heads trying to get there fix. In your case it sounds like a couple boys needing gas for there dirt bikes? Either way I hate a thief. Now days you need to protect YOUR belongings more then ever or they will end up missing one day.
  7. 2 clowns mowing

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    i lock everything up. and put my gas out of site.:hammerhead:

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