Any body have any luck 830 john deere

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JOSLAWN, Sep 12, 2008.


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    Looking at buying one 8600.00 suspension seat 250.00 deferred pymts until march and only pay for nine months out of year until its payed off.Great pymt option speacilly in winter.They said it will have all the up dates my quetion is has any one had good luck out of the machine.Been running scag forever my 2004 31hp vanguard added rops velocity deck flat free fronts is 1900 hrs and all jokes aside ive just relaced 2 belts serviced every 40 hrs greesed every 10 hydros every 400hrs .Next year that mower with 35 vanguard air cooled will be around 12000.00 thats crazy.I dont know how they will compete well any ways any feed back appreciated.
  2. Ford850

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  3. lawns Etc

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    Stay away for now, if you can find a 737 or 757 Deere jump on that if it must be a deere they are proven
  4. DLCS

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    DO NOT BUY A 800 series. JD is coming out with a new series for next year because they can't fix the 800s.. Their band aide box of fixes is not working and I heard a rumor that they may scrap them out. My dealer said Deere sent him a memo to not install the upgrades and to just pout them on a shelf for now. He will not sell anymore 800 series ztrs.
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    My dealer wont sell anymore 800 series mowers. They are scraping the series and releasing a new one next year. I would not recommend buying an 830. I had one, and I returned it. Not John Deere quality at all and I love John Deere and really dont wanna buy anything else so i'll wait.:usflag:
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    I just traded in a dead 2005 737 for a new 830a with 54" deck. I've got 3 yards (about 7 acres total) that are very hilly (north central Arkansas) and one with deep and wide ditches that in one case would start to tip the 737 backward it is so steep. I've mowed 2 of them in the last 2 days and the other comes tomorrow, but I read the thread and checked with my dealer (AG-PRO) and they didn't believe there is a problem with the mowers now. One note is that my mower manual has a note that a different deck (54") replaced the 60" original deck. Anyway, it seems very much like a tough mountain goat to me. It has gone anywhere I asked without a whimper. Only 4 hrs on the clock, but it goes and mows better than my old 737 so far. It allows me to go faster over some pretty rough terrain.

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    You're out of control going downhill. Try to get that thing to turn going downhill. That machine has too much weight on the front casters and not enough on the drive wheels. At least that was my experience with a 60" deck. Maybe not so badly out of balance with a lighter 54" deck.

    But its still a lemon. You will wish you had fixed the 737.
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    I had the same experience as Albemarle. I could never turn right. That wheel would just spin on all types of turf, wet, dry, green and brown dirt. See my current post on John deere runs sluggish. Good luck!
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    Any word on Deere having these new machines at Expo?
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    That is my only real complaint with my 830. Mine has the 54" mulching deck, and will tear up grass with the front casters when they swivel around sometimes. Very heavy machine.

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