any car mechanics? i think i got over charged

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by grass disaster, May 7, 2007.

  1. grass disaster

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    i had a injector replaced on my car and the bill came to $229. i thought that that was a bit high?

    cylinder #3
    used injector $15
    shop supplies $10
    computer hook up $35

    1996 3.1 olds cutlass sup. sl front wheel drive
    total was $229

    how hard is this to change? i think i got taken to the cleaners. this a local mechanic. i've always been going to him.

    anyone know what the shop rated hours are for changing an injector?
  2. khouse

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    I would say flat rate is 70 to 90 per hour. Then add 50% Gross profit margin of 50% (That's double the cost) and there you have it - a big bill. I would say it's in line. Nothing cheap anymore. Then he goes and pays his overhead of like 30% then taxes of 28% then insurance etc. He might put $50.00 in his pocket unless he has a wife and kids. In that case he might be able to buy a Big Mac. Don't sweat it if it's running good!
  3. Restrorob

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    I got out the biz in 92, But if it has the intake plenum like the 2.8 and 3.0 he didn't do you bad. On these the plenum has to come off to gain access to the injectors, The top then the base and all the old gasket making sealer cleaned off before re-install so it does take some time.
  4. EMJ

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    I had an injector replaced on my Grand Am just the injector was 175 dollars.
  5. newz7151

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    Man, that sounds like a lot of money. Just think how much you could have saved if you had done it yourself?
  6. General Landscaping

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    I "totalled" a car that needed 6 injectors, fuel filter, & fuel pump.
    Somebody had put something in the tank that locked up the injectors. Insurance co. wrote the customer a check and picked up the car.
  7. xcopterdoc

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    I show 2.5 labor hrs for inj r/r. Plus cost of inj and upper intake gasket. Keep in mind that the labor hrs shown in their books are only a suggested time.
  8. EMJ

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    175 for the injector does not include anythig else just the part. GM likes their parts.
  9. Let-it-mow!

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    A good reason to buy a scanner that can scan your car's computer.

    I bought one with all the bells and whistles about a year ago for around $300. It's paid for itself several times over already on just my cars. It's paid for itself more times than that on friends and family cars. It' s found problems as simple as a bad gas cap and even told me exactly which of the 8 plug coils was causing an intermittent engine miss.

    There have even been a couple of times when the scanner pointed me toward a faulty component and I thought "Nah...can't be that" and wasted a couple of hours screwing around with something else. Should have just stopped thinking and replaced the part. It's never steered me wrong.

    If you're looking for one, don't just get a "Code reader". Knowing the codes are great but if you understand engine management a little bit, a scanner will tell you so much more.
  10. Let-it-mow!

    Let-it-mow! LawnSite Member
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    Edit: sorry, double posted.

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