Any Case Maxi Sneaker Gurus?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by turf4kansas, Jul 24, 2013.

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    I came across an older Maxi Sneaker a few weeks ago and couldn't pass up on the price. I'm not 100% familiar with these, but I'm pretty sure that this is one of the last few years they made JUST the Maxi, not the B or C series.

    It has the Mitsubishi S2E 2 Cyclinder Diesel engine with vib plow on one end with trencher on other.

    Here's what the serial plate reads:

    Model: Maxi
    Product ID #: JAF0023277

    I believe I've got it pinned down to 1989 Case Maxi Sneaker if I've been able to track the information down right. These things are like friggin' unicorns when it comes to have any sort of an online presence since the design moved on.

    My question is... I'd like get to a service manual for it, since it didn't come with anything. I have found a full manual for the Series B, but haven't seen anything just for the straight Maxi. Does anybody know how big of a difference there was between the original and the B series?

    I DO NOT claim to be a Case Maxi historian, but from the best I can tell from scouring the internet remains, the Mitsubishi 2 cylinder was pretty much what I've seen in the B series. Lastly, out of curiousity... Does anyone know the actual HP that Mitsubishi is said to put out?

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    For some reason, your post puts me in mind of the engine maker Deutz, but that may connect to the older Mini-Sneaker.
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    ::wait for it::
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    Oh man... did I hit a nerve/post that's going to trigger a way of sarcasm from others?
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    Naw, you're not really in Maxi-Sneaker territory here. I just threw in the Deutz engine to goose dormant memory cells. Obviously you aren't expecting much support from Case.
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    I posted on the Equipment forum and they sent me here claiming I'd have better luck amongst the irrigation folks
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    Original case maxi had the 4 cylinder Leyland diesel (British) or a two cylinder Onan. The maxi B had the Mitsubishi 2 cylinder. The maxi c had the 4 cylinder kubota. Aztec maxi had a water cooled deutz 2 cylinder. The toro version of the maxi which is called a pro sneak 360 has a cat diesel.
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    No. Just standard ribbing on this forum, just have to wade through it to get the the good stuff.
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