any civil engineers in here?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dirt Digger2, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Dirt Digger2

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    I'm going into my junior year of CE next fall at penn state and am really curious how I get my PE? I know theres two test involved and a few years of experience before I can take the second test, but how many years? and just what can I do if I'm not a PE?
  2. Roger

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    Go to the Penn State web site,

    You need to get connected with the people in your CE department on professional development. There must be clubs, internal organizations, and undoubtedly postings of this kind of material within your department. I would be surprised if the department isn't doing all they can to get all graduates into a EIT program for eventual licensing.
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    When my brother graduated from collage he took the PE test 2 years later. Passed on his first attempt.

    That was 14 years ago that he graduated.
  4. HEM

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    Great friend of mine owns Cannon & Cannon Civil Engineering in Knoxville, TN. They are hurting badly for CE's. Knoxville is a great place to live, cheap and lots to do. IMO it's the best place to run an LCO.
  5. mverick

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    You have to get you're PE in different states. As in, you want it in Mo you take the MO test. CA has extra classes you'd have to take for Earthquakes so I'd look into where you want to be.

    Usually you have to work under a PE for 2 to 4 years. Then pay your money and take the test.

    Best friend is a Structural E with her PE.

    I got my ChemE, Computer Science, and MBA. And hated the corporate stuff. So, I started my own construction company. Worked in Industry and in plants for 20 years. While doing my own thing. Helps to know your Manufacturing. Helps when you talk to a Company to bid a construction job too.. LOL...

    Oh, there is an old phrase. "Wanna keep hookin or you wanna start pimpin." Meaning, work for someone and you're always at there mercy. Work for yourself and you make the decisions and the money.
  6. Dirt Digger2

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    everyones gonna be hurting for environmental engineers soon, its predicted to be the fastest growing field in all of engineering in the next few years with the threat of global warming and tree-huggers finally starting to get their way in the government.

    got that right..i have some plans of my own but until then i'm gonna have to work for someone else to get my PE
  7. mverick

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    They said that years ago too.

    I know engineers who work at Gas stations as managers. Make more doing that then Engineering. One I know is a Chem E. Which is one of the 2 highest paid starting engineers....

    Not trying to burst any bubbles. It's a good field. But, Getting a great job is still bustin your ass and putting in long hours. The paper helps to get in the door but it's tough. Have a lot of engineering friends. And, they weren't making didly compared to other trades. Ex GF was a Accountant and made double what they did. And she was only 30. But, upwardly mobile.... Making $100,000 now and got 2 years of bonus for $70,000 a year. And that's no joke. If you play with a company's money they pay you. If you're building there stuff. Well, they don't like to pay you...

    I wouldn't believe all the global warming stuff. Simple, It's warming by itself. We can't stop it. Can you slow it? Maybe a little but mother nature controls it.

    Bigger threat is super volcanoes. There are around 10 in the World. One of them goes off and the whole country will experience a Long, Long, Winter. Guess which one is late by 50 years to blow? Old Faithfulls mom..... US is up to bat next on that.

    That kinda fixes the global warming.
  8. Herrick

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    I'm a CADD Tech in a Structural Engineering depatment for Dewberry. Each state is different for it's licensing requirements... I believe in Illinois you need 4 years experience before you can take the 2 SE exams... Civil is just a single PE exam. Look up the licencing board in your state to find the requirements...

    Around here we're really hurting for good SE's and PE's... If you get in the right place you can be making $60-70k pretty easy... hell of a lot better than my salary. I know some SE's that aren't in the field anymore too, but that was because they weren't any good at it and kept getting "laid off". If you're good, you'll get paid for it.

    Oh, and my old bosses son got a job right out of school as an EE making almost as much as him.... at the time he was bringing in $100k/yr... I find it hard to believe that Engineering doesn't pay... :)
  9. Dirt Digger2

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    im not arguing the fact..whether you believe in global warming or not the climate is changing, its a fact thats been going on for millions of year (climate fluctuation)...the CE and environmatal engineering part comes into play when the sea level rises and engineers are sent out to stop the waves from destroying towns by figuring out ways to rebuild the coast line...if the sea level rises as little as 10 feet the the majority of Miami is underwater for example...a low estimate for sea level rise is 80cm in 30 years...if the climate warms faster i'm in the the fact as the climate gets hotter and the desert moves northward and pushes farmers north as well that creates environmental problems.
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    I know in louisiana you have to work for 5 years under a licences PE before even applying for the exam. thats after passing the FE exam.

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