Any concerns with a 48" walk behind with only 13hp engine??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lithnights, May 19, 2007.

  1. lithnights

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    Just as I was ready to buy my replacement mower, my local dealer gave me a call and said he was about to get in a John Deere 48" walk behind from a trade in. He didn't have all the details (he will get them to me after the weekend) but did state it had a 13HP engine.

    Most 48 wb mowers I've seen are 15HP so is there any concern with having a 13HP? I am a homeowner who will be mowing 1/2 hour a week, no hills, and won't be mowing high or wet grass.

    The price he gave me is $1800. He said it is 3 years old and retailed new for $2900 but a local college bought it using a subsidy for about $2400, thus how he got it so cheap and is selling it so cheap. The mower hour meter shows 4 hours on it so it seems like an amazing deal. (He said the college said it sat in their warehouse for years and was not used..thus the 4 hours).

    I never imagined getting a nearly brand new (4 hours) John Deere 48" walk behind for $1800 so I am going to jump on it. For peace of mind, I was just wondering if the 13HP is a concern for what I would be using it for.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Duncan90si

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    If you are mowing in conditions like you stated, then you should be fine. The hills and high and/or wet grass is were you may start to run into problems. I have a couple 14hp 52" WBs as back up mowers and they do fine as long as you aren't trying to break a land speed record on hills or in a lot of growth.
  3. lithnights

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    Good to hear. No, no hills at all and if there is a lot of growth, I go slower or cut twice. My old Gravely 36 was a 13hp and I never had any problems with cutting what I cut. I guess I was just concerned that adding that extra 12 inch cutting width and likely a little bit of weight for the same HP engine would be OK. But I guess they make them as commercial mowers so I'd think it would be fine..especially for a homeowner.

    Thanks for the feedback. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  4. topsites

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    13 horses is plenty of power, the main reason most start at 15 is for commercial applications, my 48" Toros do get up to around 7mph but I had an old 52" with a 13hp briggs... It's still powerful enough thou at times you have to go a bit slower, the sheer size of the machine makes up for that, whether 36" faster or 48" a bit slower is still as much grass cut / hour if it's that thick, and I think you'll hardly even notice.

    I'd say it's the perfect machine for a homeowner, I'd jump on it in your shoes, too.
  5. RedMax Man

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    I have a 14hp. Kaw. on my 48" Toro Proline gear-drive walkbehind. I've mowed though everything, tall or short, steep or flat. Just keep the blades sharp. I also have a Velke sulky that i ride on often except for on large hills.
  6. lithnights

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    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like the 13 will be enough for my needs. And I'm guessing I definitely don't need any extra HP for speed. Can anyone really walk behind a mower going 7MPH? :walking: I tested out a Ferris (which claims a top speed of 5MPH) at top speed and I was practically running behind it!

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