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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MDLawn, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. MDLawn

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    The pictures below show the areas that are in question. There are two areas next to the shed and one in front which they say stay wet for days after a hard rain. Obviously the sides of the shed stay wet due to the rain coming off the roof and the front area is a good 4-6 inches lower than the yard. The yard behind the shed is higher and the shed is the low point in their yard so water is flowing to the lowest point, as it should. They don't want to do drain tile connected to the storm sewer (I dont even do that kind of work) and want minimal excavation. I told them I would look for ideas or suggestions. I've thought of a french drain but not sure that would even help or if it is appropriate in this situation. Filling in low spots will just push the water to a different spot. Again I don't feel like anything will work in this job without excavation and don't see it moving forward but again just looking for any ideas, even if it means I suggest someone else to do the work.



  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    What type of soil is there? If it's just a heavy clay, try aerating it and adding sand.

    Otherwise, the French drain is the most logical that I can see.
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    There are 3 dark spots in the shade... exactly what is happening there? I can't see the direction of slope or valley... maybe a wheelbarrow load of sand is all you need to raise the grade...
  4. Lawn132012

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    MD- Honestly from what I am using now which can't hurt to try but I also got an email from them saying that they have seen very good grass growth in shaded areas. SumaGreen Turf is the product name and so far I am very happy with results. The only reason I think it may be worth a try is that they say the root systems get very long and this can help with letting the water run deeper into the ground.

    Is there a way also that you can maybe this Fall added some fresh soil and replant seeds on top to raise the area? That is a tough spot
  5. MDLawn

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    Dr New Earth - clay for sure. That's an idea. With the French drain I was thinking put it at that low spot in front of the shed with drain tile coming from each side of the shed an raising/leveling that spot in the shed.

    Smallaxe - to the left and right of the shed are bare spots, the right being much worse than the left. The shed is the "valley" as the neighbor behind is higher and so is their house.

    Thanks for the ideas.
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  6. wildstarblazer

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    Are they set on having grass or would they consider creating a large rock bed with step stones etc.. around the area.
  7. Smallaxe

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    I understand now... but this time the pix don't show up... as I recall the shed is small enough that it could be raised, correct?
    Does the shed flood a lot???
  8. kirk1701

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    Its clay and neighboring water is also draining here because its lowest point.

    Aerate, layer of sand then build up with topsoil including the shed so the water will disperse a bit more evenly around the area thats built up and pray that takes care of it.

    Otherwise like others have said french drain
  9. Coffeecraver

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    In the area in front of the shed you could dig down about 4' and about 6-8 ft wide.Remove all sod by skimming and place it to the side. Then fill bottom of hole with drainage stone about 2"-5" deep.

    Then use some fabric to cover the stone. Place soil on the top of the fabric and place the sod back on top.

    The two areas on each side should be trenched to fall to the main drainage area in front.

    Call to get utility marked prior to digging.

    This process will put the standing water underground to dissipate there.

  10. TurnerLandscape

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    Perfect place for a drywell, similar to what coffeecraver suggested, google drywell, i think they run around $200. Install two french drains on either side of the shed running towards the front of the shed. Then have a french drain infront of the shed connected to each drain on the sides.then run a french drain off of the drain infront of the shed connected perpendicular to it, running away from the shed to about 5' into the drywell. the drywell is a container you bury, the specs are on the website, but the drywell will contain the water and it has leach holes so the water leaches into the subsoil.

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