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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by captaingreen, Oct 20, 2004.

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    I have been in the turf business for seven years, starting as a comm. applicator at age 21, now I own my own lawncare co.. I am approximately 75% mowing, the rest being small landscape projects, mulching, pruning, and snow removal. I have always learned everything hands on, I have learned best by experience. To make a long story shorter I am wanting to learn more about landscape design and hardscaping. I don't have the time or money to get full time back into school and cannot seem to find any winter classes on these areas of interest, and it seems what I read in the books, especially with hardscape, doesn't seem to match up with what I have heard from local pro's. I have a good knowledge of plants, just needing help in other area's. Any information or suggestions anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    Most hardscape materials manufacturers/distributors have some type of training classes during the winter. For pavers, check with ICPI: Also, there is a large hardscape show in New Jersey in the winter. It has lots of classes as well as a trade show. You can get info from E.P. Henry about that show. Ask your county extension agent about local seminars. Most of the trade associations have classes and seminars as well as some of the trade mags. If you look around you should find things of interest. Good luck with this. I strongly advocate for more professionalism in the green industry through more education.
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    TO: VNLA Members

    The Extension service is conducting a teleconference on training and diagnosis of SOD which is being directed towards Master Gardeners to assist county extension agents in case this ever becomes an issue in Virginia. You are also invited to participate in this teleconference, which is being coordinated in your local area by your county agent, who you should contact if you are interested in participating in this training teleconference.

    The information below is from Barry Robinson with the Montgomery County Extension Office. You can find contact info for your local area at


    In the Spring of 2004, Jim Green, CSREES National Program Leader, sent out an invitation through all the state extension ANR directors, to include Master Gardeners in a Front Line Information Providers/First Detectors national initiative on the disease called Sudden Oak Death. Since that time, the North Central IPM Center has taken charge of the idea and has been organizing training to address SOD (Phytophthora ramorum) on a national level. The next step is a national training teleconference that has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 3:00 pm EDT.

    In order to participate in this free training, each host site must have access to a speaker phone or phone pod, an LCD projector, and computer that can run PowerPoint. It is recommended that each site have at least 10 participants for this training. Instructions for dialing into the teleconference and the presentation file will be sent to all local Extension sites that wish to serve as a training host. Participants may include, but are not limited to, all ANR agents and/or other relevant extension personnel, locally paid or volunteer VCE Master Gardener Coordinators, VCE MG volunteers, landscapers, nurserymen, and plant/nursery inspectors. Agents in each local office may identify who they want to include in this training session. Recognized experts will cover the major SOD issues on a national scale. This national teleconference is a precursor to state-specific training that will be offered by the Virginia SOD Task Force. Any VCE agents who confirm their participation in this training will receive advance copies of a Virginia SOD training manual/Information Notebook.

    Each state has been given a challenge to develop a team of individuals to coordinate any efforts on training and diagnosis of SOD within their respective states. The VA SOD Task Force has been assembled and has had one teleconference and one face-to-face meeting to develop a strategy for Virginia. We are in the process of developing an SOD program for Virginia that will call upon VCE MG volunteers to field phone calls, emails, and drop-in visits to local Extension offices from clients who have questions about SOD. The volunteers will screen incoming plant samples, based on a questionnaire that is currently being developed. The screening process will help to avoid overburdening diagnostic labs with samples that are inappropriate for SOD testing. VCE MG VOLUNTEERS WILL NOT BE SENT OUT INTO THE FIELD TO COLLECT SAMPLES OF SUSPECT PLANTS. Additional state-specific training and support materials are being developed.

    For additional information on SOD, please contact Dave Close, or 540-231-2714.

    Barry B Robinson
    NRV Master Gardener Coordinator
    Virginia Cooperative Extension
    Montgomery County Office
    755 Roanoke Street Suite 1G
    Christiansburg VA 24073
    Phone: (540) 382-5790
    FAX: (540) 382-5729
    NRVMGA website:

    Jeff Miller, Exec. Dir.
    Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association
    Ph: 540-382-0943
    fax: 540-382-2716

    Your Roots Are In Virginia!
    Mission: To enhance and promote Virginia's nursery and landscape industry.
    Vision: To become the leader and resource for Virginia's nursery and landscape industry.
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    Thanks Norm,
    Since I'm the current president of the Northern VA. Nursery and Landscape Assoc. I had gotten that information but appreciate the reminder that its coming up soon.
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    Find your state association and go to the annual meetings/conferances. Indian has the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association (INLA), I'm sure other (all?) states have something similiar...

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    Here is a list of sites that could most likely help you.

    Central Missouri State University
    College of the Ozarks
    Northwest Missouri State University
    Southeast Missouri State University
    Southwest Missouri State University
    St. Louis Community College
    University of Missouri
    Longview Community College

    Arboretums/Botanical Gardens

    Horticultural & Agroforestry Research Center
    Missouri Botanical Garden
    Powell Gardens

    University Extension

    University of Missouri
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    Thank you guys so much for your help. I've contacted my local extension office and they suggested a few classes. I've also e-mailed MLNA, just waiting to hear back from someone there. Thanks again.
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    I just enrolled in PCDI to get a cert. in Landscape Design. Its a home study course and its reasonable priced at $700.00. I know that it wont teach me everything I need to know but it will be a good start.
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    How do you like the course? Im thinking of taking it also.
    do you recommend it? was it what you expected?
  10. Popper357

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    I'm taking the PCDI landscape design course and recomend it. I can't compare it yet because I've just started in design but it's fun, I'd give it a 10.

    I'm also enrolled in the courses at Longveiw and start in mid Jan, anyone else take the longview course, Landscape Design and Maint. I and II? I'll fire up the thread again once I get started.

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