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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Rlclawnguy, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Rlclawnguy

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    Does anyone have some experience bidding on large comercial properties? I am talking a total of 300 acres. Im going in circles on price per thousand or acre so Im not losing my @$$, but can still get the bid. If you were just putting down straight liquid weed control for the entire place what would you base it on per 1000 and what if you were to treat 100 acres of it with dimension? I guess I am just trying to see if I am that far off based on my calculations.
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    that depends on the layout of the site and equipment that you have available to you. Let's say that site is a military base housing unit broken up into yards of 25oo sq feets each chainlinked. That is vastly different than if that were flat, open city soccer fields. I like to price internally per 1000 for areas that have to be handgunned and price per acre on areas that can be boomed, giving them a final price for the application, not a price per thousand or per acre,so as not to encourage shaving this or that area.
  3. Rlclawnguy

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    well it is about 95% open and if I were to get it I would be getting a z-spray or something comparable. I am told that I can do upwards of 1,000,000 sq' in a 8-10 hr day. Does that help at all. Its a huge wide open manufacturing site.
  4. GreenUtah

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    your price for chemical per acre/thousand will remain the same regardless of method used to apply, so that should be a known cost to you now based on the specs you have or are generating for the property and local sourcing costs. if you can cover 1mil sq per day then you have a little over 13 days of labor,plus the cost of the machine and storing/transporting it and your chems. If you know these costs, know what the market in your area will bear and what you want to have as profit, you should be able to generate a number. I can't give you a cost number because i have no idea what those factors are for you, the distance to site, your chem costs, taxes, labor and insurance in your area/situation, etc. but you should start recognizing those costs once you start to grab it and be able to generate a number. Once you have this down and a time or two through a job of size, you should be able to really solidify your actual production costs for future bids as well. Bid final numbers, so if the site is not true size, it doesn't skew your figures for included overhead.
  5. Prolawnservice

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    What do you mean by, bid final numbers?:confused:
  6. GreenUtah

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    quote a set price for the final job, with all included that was initially asked for at the footage that was given. final numbers, not piecemeal line items.
  7. hmartin

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    With 300 acres you need a tractor with a boom sprayer if you can handle the terrain. I spray about 12 arcres and hour with a 25 foot boom.
  8. Harley-D

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    If i ever get a job that is that size with everything else i have now, I know for a fact that i could get the liquid chemical i would need at a much cheaper price.

    At the recommended rate of momentum:1.5 oz per k
    300 acres is 30-5 gal cases per app.
    You better be able to get it somewhere over $200 per case.

    I would have a serious talk with your supplier. They should be happy to quote you a great price on that much chemical.

    FYI-If you are spraying all 300 acres, don't spray for anything other than broadleafs, they'll be the only thing thats noticable.

    I'm surprised that you have to spray a property that big. Is it a new job? Who had it before you? Why aren't they taking care of it anymore? I would ask some questions and be careful. Jobs that big can bankrupt a small co.
  9. stumper1620

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    Yes, I'm sure we all can with large Quantity buying, but that is an option to pass that savings on, and personally, I would check with my supplier for a price if this were to go, then myself I would keep at least half that discounted price for myself.

    I agree.

    Agree totally here. why would anybody let that get away unless something stinks in the deal?
  10. Rlclawnguy

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    Actually the 3 year contract is up and they put it out to bid for the next 3 years to only 3 companies. I have to compete with the 2 big ones in the area....TG and Davey. I use speadzone normally but I can save about $4 per acre if i use a 3way which is what they will be using.

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