any feedback on Ramrods??


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Chiefland, FL.
I sell Ramrods and am curious how they might be holding up. I have a few in coal tunnels (had to install heavy duty air cleaner kits) that have logged over 2000 hrs. so far and are doing pretty darn good. Also, i have a rental machine that has approx. 1000 hrs. of abuse (@#%* weekend warriors)that has minor problems (flat tires and pinched hydr. hoses) ;)This is no sales pitch, just curious!!;) There are alot of mini's out there now, just wish they'd get off the "make a millon $$ quick" prices. Has anyone tried Finn's mini? or some of the Coyote machines?


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south dakota
I purchased and then returned a maximan mini skidsteer this past fall. It is run on tracks instead of wheels. It was toooooo slooow! The salesman at the factory said that earlier models were faster but they tore up the hyd. pumps. The company that made the pumps told them to slow the machine down. The price was very reasonable for the unit $5000.

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