any good GPS tracking programs

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sharps_lawn&landscaping, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. adam.neusbaum

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    I've really enjoyed having a unit plugged in. While on the phone I like to ask my helper specifically where he is & then compare it to my droid x current status. You learn an awful lot about your help. Call and ask them for the 1 year bundle for $399.
  2. Tri-City Outdoors

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    Since every truck of ours has a smart phone with verizon service. we us Verizon's feild force manager it is $15 per month. Lot of perimeters and settings that really help with production on the job and the route in between. Also I love the report functions. You can easily see windshield time, mileage, time on jobs.
  3. Kawizx62003

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    You will rarely find an employee who cares to take an efficient route. They don't have any investment in the company. I feel for you guys though. But then again i hate being on the other side of a GPS tracker, which I am at my full time job 24/7. I understand it though and would do it if I was the man...
  4. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I've been using Realtrack for a few years and had a thread on it here before. They had a deal going on where the $180 hardware was going to be free. You can't beat the cost of Realtrack at $18 per month with no contract.
  5. cps

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    Is anyone else using smart phone GPS tracking?
  6. Pierre2013

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  7. PlantscapeSolutions

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    The problem with a smart phone is you can leave it behind to do a side job and then come back and get it. You can't leave a truck behind. GPS in a truck is also good is a truck is stolen.

    Truck GPS tells you if the truck is running and the guys are wasting your time enjoying the AC. If you even turn the key to the on position to listen to the radio at a job site you will know. For $18 a month you can't beat GPS in a truck.

    The sending unit always sends out a signal so if anyone tried to block it or tamper with it you would know.
  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    RealTrack will only set you back $216 a year with no contract once you buy the sending unit. They have it on special from time to time. It's been free at least once. Thus far nobody can beat RealTrack.

    When you mention RealTrack to other GPS sales people they know they can't compete and the conversation tends to be very short.
  9. cps

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    I was just tring to save the up front cost per unit by using smart phones.
  10. Luke S.

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    Xora is a really good one. You use it as timeclock, track guys in real time, look at mileage and hours reports, dispatch jobs, and other stuff that I never used. The only problem is that it costs $15 a month per user, which I didn't think it was worth.

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