Any hints for finding shorted valves?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bcg, Aug 5, 2010.

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    Sometimes its easy to sound like a jerk in these forums and/or mis -understand the perspective of the poster. All of us are joking sometimes and serious other times, its easy to take a post differently then it was intended. What I love about this forum is that guys like Jim are very generous with information and personal experience that would take me years to gather myself.
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    You're right and I'm sorry :cry:

    I mean this sincerely, I did read the thread and took it all wrong. As a result I have said several things that were highly offensive and unnecessary. I apologize and pray for your forgiveness.

    I've had a $hitty couple of days with people (not you or on this forum) just riding my a$$ about other people's foul-ups and holding me responsible. It's called a missplaced aggression; sort of like kicking the dog. (Not that you're a dog).

    I have a TDR as well as all the gear listed above. Down here, one of the problems we run into is that in most sub divisions, the electric utilities are underground. That in itself is not a major problem, but as we approach a transformer box the electromagnetic field fouls our ability to get an accurate reading or sounding if at all. All we get is ground noise that surrounds the box for a good 20-30 ft. which is why I pot hole to locate the wire so that I can start my trace from the other side of the noise. Sometimes this has to be done several times.

    Pounding PVC with metal into the ground near a field valve keeps me from having to get torn up, bittten by poisonous insects, snakes (rattlers, cotton mouths, coral snakes) exposed to irritants on the foliage, etc. and makes the box easier to locate once we know it's in the bush.

    Ground probes are useful when we have isolated the box somewhere within the electromagnetic field of a transformer box although I don't use that many Guatemalans.

    I always try and get a site map and as I locate boxes, I mark their approximation on the map; which is now mine and I don't give back when the low baller comes along.

    South Florida has it's own way of doing things as does Northern California, or New Hampshire, etc. I continue to be astonished at how irrigation is done up there since it's vastly different down here; I crack up when I see pictures of 1" valves and people talking in terms of 15-20 PSI. That stuff I see in HD or Lowes. Smallest Ball/Combo valve I can buy is 1.5" and most of my field stuff is either 2' or 3". I only go to the Box stores as a last resort. I keep several thousands of dollars worth of inventory; more than your average red-neck.

    I would never use poly down here because the lye in the Coral rock would render it brittle in months making it nearly impossible to repair; although I've done so using standard PVC fittings inside the pipe and tightening them down with hose clamps... the SCD 80 fittings just tear up the pipe.

    Anyway, invitations still good; I pray for forgiveness and reconciliation and will endevour to temper my vitriol and rapier wit.
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    I though BS was what this Forum was about...
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    tdr's rule....

    jim I have been using the mulicore setting, is that right? is there a VOP 50 percent setting.
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    I have had to calibrate the VOP on my cheapo Harris TDR; I took 100m 12g wire (common field wire in my neck of the woods) & ran the test. used the results as a baseline zero. I don't have an option to run percentages of par.

    I did the same for 14, 16 & 18 G. I'm not familiar with a "multicore setting". Perhaps unique to Triplett products, but I'm interested in learning more about it.

    That is of course if I haven't been X-communicated.
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    say three hail mary's and toss a shrubbler over your left shoulder
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    Lol @>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    you prolly have a fluke ts-90 or ts-100, either one over a $200 tool.

    the ts-90/100 are built for cable, more of a specialty tool without the VOP library or the manual calibration index, the triplett and BCI will measure wire, the same as psiber.

    i am not 100% sure but i think that multi core is a multiple conductor foam filled cable, with a braided sheath.
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    Jeez, I love it when you talk dirty, Jim.:clapping:

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