Any hope for the Weeping Cherry trees? Think got disease

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  1. Mxrider52

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    Looking for some advice on these weeping cherry trees. They seem to be in pretty bad shape. They have already lost most of their leaves. All the leaves have brown spots and holes in them. I hate to cut them down. They can be pretty trees. I say they are close to 20 years old. Not sure. Just take a look at the pictures and let me know what I can do to help them. Sorry if pics are not the best. Took them with my phone.



  2. Smallaxe

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    I doubt that they're dead or even dieing... some years are like that and other years are better... leaves are yellowing, spotting and dropping all over around here... my poplar is just about bare right now...
  3. windflower

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    Cherries look like that here too. Do it every year in late Aug.
  4. Think Green

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    just check around the base, upper thick limbs for lesions and sapping. The sap will turn red! Also check for cracks or prominent blackish smooth bark. Canker is the culprit. Canker will not kill the tree will be a slow death.
    Beetles, worms, and aphids attack cherry. So does, canker worm, borers, leaf rollers,et al.

    My point is yes, most if not all trees under urban stress will start out like this then end up on the chopping block if not taken care of quickly. Make sure the tree is getting plenty of water to sustain transpiration and nutrient uptake. Water in the late evening.......drip irrigation during the heat if possible. Do not allow water to splash the foliage during the heat. Treat foliage with bifenethrin pesticides, malathion. Malathion will smell to high heavens but is a general OP type insecticide for chewing-sucking insects.

    Finally, the season has been uneasy this year to say-the-least, so take my advice and make sure the tree gets plenty of water and allow next season to see what will happen.
  5. Mxrider52

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    from TN
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    Thanks for info. Ill look into it more. We just bought house this spring and when the trees were blooming they were not very full at all. Had quite a few dead branches in it too. Alot of the branches have moss on them. The trees just have been bare almost all year it seems and now leaves are almost gone on them but I have seen other houses with the trees and theirs are still green and full.

    I do know I did remove some of the dead limbs from both trees and the large tree seemed to suffer it appears. I cut some dead branches from the larger limbs and it killed off the whole limb. It all went brown so now there just a huge branch completely dead. I just hate to lose the trees they are nice trees I want something in that section. It is a grass section between the house and driveway oval shaped.
  6. Smallaxe

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    The bark seems to be more like a poplar/aspen type tree,,, but then our cherries in Wisco could be completely different than yours... It may very well be getting too old for that variety and environment so you might think about how to help it in its old age...

    What burns out trees in the landscapes is the excessive NPK and other lawncare chemicals that cause weak rapid growth in the hardwood... if this is a possible problem then now would be a good time to stop... arborists who believe that trees need NPK just like tomatoes are not hooked into the reality of living things,,, only books...

    Be careful with your final analysis... :)

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