any husgvarna expirence

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by hudson12787, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Darryl G

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    Oh sorry...looked at your question too quickly...PZT vs PZ. The PZ is top of the line. The PZT should do most people fine. It's a full commercial machine. I have a dealer in town but they stopped selling the Zero turns because they were just having to hold onto them too long. I can still get one but would have to order it. I have my eye on the PZT 54 personally.
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    I checked out the MZT and was pretty impressed. On specs I dont see a better value out there. It's not a full $10k hardcore pro machine but where else can you get 3400s, fabricated deck, etc for $5500 (52")? My local dealer expects them to be a huge seller and basically kill the MZ and PZT.
  3. Darryl G

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    I like the Donaldson-style air filter which doesn't come on the MZT, especially since I'd have a rear bagger on it and would be sending all that dust to the rear of the machine. I also prefer a Kawi engine. And I'm a little leary of an 11 gauge deck...if it warps you're kind of screwed. Also if you're one of those guys running in sandy conditions a lot it's probably not the way to go. I agree it's a good value though.
  4. sildoc

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    We bought the MZT 52 28 briggs this year to supplement our exmarks. Ended up costing me 6200 with power bagger.
    Like the machine so far. Stripes well has decent power. We figure the briggs won't last more than 500 hours but that was the plan and we can slap a kawi in there for around 1600 if need be still being way under the pzt with power bagger. So far we like the machine. Upgrades will be solid caster tires as they need to be changed out but other than that it is super fast, cuts well, discharges well and bags well. Thinking we will be buying another one next year and selling off the exmark as it is reaching 1800 hrs. Dealer seems to think this is going to be husky's biggest selling machine for entry level commercial mower and I think he is right. Need to see how the spindles and trans last but so far so good. 100 hrs and no problems yet.
  5. 360lawncare

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    I also bought the mz 52 and so far it's been a great zt. Don't see many around but I think with time that will change as you can't get a better deal on a entry level zt for the price.
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    I test drove a PZ 52/w a 30 horse kohler today. I really liked it, but want a 60 w/about 30/34hp. The test model had the softest ride I've had in a long time. It went through waist high, wet grass, set at 5 inches with no problem. I am going to look at Scag, Exmark and whatever else I stumble across before I buy. I know the others will have a lot to stand up to. This is a GREAT mower, fair priced at $9500.00, did not scalp ( 52"), and hard to beat. I was very impressed.
  7. brookline

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    How is the mzt holding up? i just bought one last week cant wait to start cutting with it. How do you like the Briggs so far? any issues?
  8. 360lawncare

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    Mine is holding up fine so far. I think Husqvarna is building some really nice machines they have the biggest frame in the industry right now. Really when you boil it down all the zero turns have the same running gears really most of the same engines it just what's sets them apart is the little things and I like Husqvarna having the biggest frame around plus I think they have one if not the best deck design out there.
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    Running great. Briggs still purs. Just bought a mzt 61 with the Kawi engine on it. If anyone is looking to buy right now Husqvarna is offering fleet pricing. Basically you buy the mower and can get 3 handhelds or bp blower for free.
    We just paid 6400 with blower bagger and the 326 trimmer and hedge trimmer.
    Great deal.
  10. 360lawncare

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    That's a heck of a deal for a great mower!

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