Any Ideas on standard prices for PA?

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  1. JAD

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    I am just getting into the Snow Removal Business and was wondering if there are any good guidelines for what to charge. I am removing snow only as I haven't ordered a salt spreader yet, hope to add that next year. Any help on what to charge would be great. I was thinking between $35 and $45 for a standard residential driveway, say 10 feet by 70 feet.
  2. RB

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    JAD, I don't know where that is in Pa., but I'm here in Pitsburgh and I would lose every one of my accounts if I charged $45.

    I charge between $20 and $50 ($50 big drives), and I always put down a little salt.

    I finish my commercial lots and I have about 10 residentials I do.

    When you get ready for a spreader I have the perfect one for ya.

  3. diggerman

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    from Iowa
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    Boy pusher when you have some thing to say you really say it and say it and say it.
  4. iowastorm

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    Pusher must have a stutter; that's why he put his response up there 4 times???
  5. Chuck Smith

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    Must have been an error, I deleted the other 3 since they are identical to the first, and posted at the same time.

  6. Chip

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    I average $35 for a residential driveway, that would be one that leads to a 2 car garage and 75 to 100 ft long. That also include some shoveling in front of garage doors.
    With myself and 1 helper it takes on average 12 min. that includes collecting cash from the customer.

    UNCLE BOB LawnSite Member
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    Im in baltimore much less snow than Pa. and I get $40-$50 min.For large driveways.
  8. DIG'EM

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    In KY I charge $80.00 hr for any snow pushing!
  9. HandyHaver

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    $35.00 is rock bottom out this way. I work Del & Mont county and most drives start at 40-45 a push. I have 3 that are over $100.00 a push with "0" tolerance. I have 2 shovelers on board to get in front of garages & do the walks. Don't sell yourself short out here, they will pay the money for service!!

  10. TLS

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    Here in Western Montgomery County I charge $30-35 per drive, NO SHOVELING! I'm a snowplower NOT a shoveler. In and out in 5 min. I really prefer parkinglots though, thats where the real money is. No travelling. I'm at lots for about an hour or so each. The less time that plow is raised and you are driving to and from, the less money you are making. The streets are a dangerous place to be during a snow storm!

    Too many residential driveway owners dont want to be plowed unless it gets to be about a 6" snow, then they come crawling out of the woodwork and the phone starts ringing. Plus, residentials ALL want to be done FIRST! "Hold on Tommy, let me move the cars for just wait while I move them." Time is money. Commercials are far less headaches and aggravation.

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