Any Ideas why this doesn't work?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mx315, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. mx315

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    We just took over a HOA for a townhouse development and the property manager wanted me to take a look at one of the irrigation wells... she says "it just stopped working about two weeks ago". I opened the door and it looked like a bird's nest of wires. There are about 15 bare wires all wrapped into a ball.
    I don't know how it ever worked! Got a pretty good laugh out of it and thought I would share a pic.


  2. Dirty Water

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    Looks like all of the commons were spliced to one wire that went to the terminal.

    Repair that splice and you may be up and running again.
  3. Bigred350

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    Dirty water you have some damn good eyes. I looked at that pic for 5 min before i had seen what you were talking about. Looks like those wires need to be respliced better and put a wire nut on them.

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    Look at the remote control plug in! Looks like a headphone style. Who made one of those? I've never seen that clock.
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    those clocks were made on long island they stoped making them a few years ago. that remote had somthing like a 30' wire on it and thats as far as you could go with it. I rip them out when ever i can and there are alot of them around here.
  6. WalkGood

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    I run into them once in awhile. Those slider switches get finicky with age. Sometimes for whatever reason they do not make contact. Then you have to slide em down to OFF and then back up again.

    The clock units go bad too.... inside, the "tang" or tab on the pin on the wheel that is used to start the iirigation cycle breaks off. The manual-cycle works, but not the clock.

    Back in July, had a very senior, Senior Citizen customer call us complaining that we did "something" to his Hydro Saver. It would stop working for unknown reasons. Told him it was beyond it's service life ("It worked fine for 20-sumthin years, it should still work" argument). Told him he needs a new controller. He declined. It would work for a few days and then stop. Customer called again complaining, would not pay for a service call. His wife agreed to pay, but then he came home and started makin a fuss. Felt bad for the wife. After 2 weeks, I guess he got tired of manually running the zones. He calls up again, gets same quote for new installed controller. Hasn't called back. Guess he found a lower bid.

    Those controllers look to me like something an old Gruman employee (who worked on the Lunar Module for Apollo moon missions) designed this thing.
  7. PurpHaze

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    The Lunar Lander was sometimes referred to as a flying toaster. I don't think that controller will toast bread any longer. (Then... along came Jefferson Airplane and After Dark's screensaver.)
  8. WalkGood

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  9. turfnh2oman

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    Well just by looking at it, that's a mess. Looks like a typical service call.

    Step one: attach a couple of loose wires from missing terminals and re-do a couple of splices. If that doesn't work go to step two.

    Step two: if you can't fix it in 15 minutes of standard testing and troubleshooting, go to step three.

    Step three: Go to bottom left hand corner of first [top] picture where all wires come together heading out to field and CUT. Start testing field wires and start over.

    Sorry, had to interject a lil' humor in this. But sometimes step three is better time spent as step one if you didn't put it in and there's been every Harvey and Harry working on it before you got there.

    Good luck !!
  10. turfnh2oman

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    As for the clock - El' Trasho !!!!!

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