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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gatormowing, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. gatormowing

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    I have one blade bolt that I can't remove on my Husqvarna IZ5223. This is the second time it's happened. The same bolt. I use a 18 in. breaker bar and a piece of 2x4 to loosen and tighten the bolts. The first time was shortly after having a spindle replaced at 100 hrs. I put the blade on at home after picking the mower up from the dealer, so I know he didn't use an impact. I had a cheap 1/2 in air impact and my compressor has a 30 gal. tank whick should be good. Impact wouldn't loosen it. Went to Sears and bought a new impact that said 500 ft/lbs of torque and figured that would get it off. No good. Took it to the dealer and the shop foreman used every impact in the shop and finally used a torch to heat the bolt and his biggest impact got it off. Again I put the blade on with my breaker bar.forward about 8 weeks and I can't get the bolt loose again. I use a propane torch to heat the bolt, no good. The bolt seemed fine when I put it in every time. Finger tightened up to the lock washer. I have been using a file on the blade twice a day to keep an edge but the sail on the blade is getting a groove worn in it from the sand down here and its a matter of time before I will have to lose part of a day taking it back to the dealer.I've tried PB Blaster penetrating oil. Used a 4 ft pipe as a cheater and bent my breaker bar. Antbody have an idea that I haven't thought of? Thanks, Bob
  2. Restrorob

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    Anti-seize compound, I use it on all my regular customers units to assure a easy removal the next time.
  3. fixer67

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    Same here. I use it on every unit I work on. Even on units I hope never to see again.
  4. CCWKen

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    Ditto on the anti-seize. What's the torque spec on the bolt? Using a breaker bars seems excessive. Are there fiber washers or a belvel washer on the blade? If so, you are WAY over torquing the bolts.

    Tip #2: Run a thread tap down the shaft and clean it out. Check the depth vs. the bolt length. You could be jamming the bolt.
  5. walshdevo10

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    You may want to check the specs on the amount of torque to tighten the bolt from your manual. In my opinion,if you are using a breaker bar to tighten the bolt, that is way excessive. You may be surprised at what the manual states to tighten to. My Toro is like 85 for single blades and like 125 if i'm running doubles. To tighten it to 85, I just use a small torque wrench and only need to one arm it. It doesen't take much. Make sure you accurately set the desired amount of torque on your wrench prior to tightening.
    Good Luck!
  6. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    Never Seize is a wonderful thing
  7. easycareacres

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    when come across a stuborn nut to get off i use a hollow pipe over the shifter {spanner} wow so easy no force. Dont worry happens many a time just find 4-5 ft length of old pipe.
  8. ed2hess

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    I have never used power wrenches for tightening blades, only two socket wrenches with about 14 handles. I have never had one come loose . Oh, I also use anti sieze!!
  9. Roger

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    I read several responses here about using anti-seize on blade bolts. I always thought anti-seize compound was useful ONLY for those places that were rarely removed, such as engine pulley, spindle pulley, etc. Blade bolts are off/on every day, or every couple of days. Why would anti-seize help with the bolts that are cycled so often, never having an opportunity to seize.

    Having trouble with overtight bolts should have nothing to do with seizing. Not having an impact wrench (but did consider getting one), and using a simple scheme of socket and box end wrench for my blade bolts, I'm beginning to believe the first thing to do is set the impact wrenches in the back corner of the shop.

    For my vehicles (pickup and car), I reset the lug bolts after a safety inspection. The inspection requires taking off two opposing wheels to check for brake wear. And, of course, the auto shop remounts the wheels with an impact wrench. If I have a problem along the road, and I'm using a socket or lug wrench that comes with the vehicle, I don't want to be confronted with the work of an overzealous technician with an impact wrench in his hands. Therefore, I back off the lug nuts, and reset them with my own tools -- I know I will have a much better chance of getting them off in an emergency. Am I nuts?
  10. fixer67

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    No, you are not nuts. I have had that very problem before. I am luck because the tire shop I go to the old men that work there have there guns turned down and have enough sense to use them right. The one time I did have the problem was when I had to use a tire shop out of town and had a flat on the way home. It was a bad day all around.
    At home I use a Dewalt DW290 impact (120 VAC) to take off tire but put them back on by hand with a "T" hand.

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