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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by kamiakaze, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Iam in the process, of getting a new trailer, i will be hauling my lazer hp with a 50 inch deck and weed whip, and leaf blower and possible gas cans,i am looking at a pace american 6 by 10 with steel sides an a ramp, any other things i should be looking for, also its a single axle,i don't think i need a tandem, any thoughts would be great thanks kamiakaze
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    hello, it is very very important to have the heaviest load centralised over the axle [or close to it]. Another issue is the hitch weight must be between 10--15 % of total weight [down force] . If a single axle trailer does not meet the above recommendations it will tow /brake poorly.

  3. kevin0311

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    i use a twf 6x12 3500 carrying capaticy, got for 1400.00 new last year.
  4. brucec32

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    Not sure how this is an Exmark topic, but consider a 5x12 trailer too. You can fit a 50" deck mower, a smaller wb, a 21", and gas cans and blower one it (snugly) with a trimmer rack. My trailer is 5'4" accross actually.

    The advantage is that it is more closely matched to your vehicle's width and will be less likely to drop a wheel off road or enter the oncoming lane. You know if your truck is on the road, so is your trailer.

    I witnessed a guy with a wide trailer take out a car stopped as he went by once, and several instances of guys dropping a wheel into a hole by the shoulder in turns and send the stuff on the trailer flying.

    Also note that a 6' wide trailer will not fit through some garage doors, or if it will, it's with 1" to spare per side and you have to hand push it in.

    The extra length of the 12' trailer might mean you can fit more large mowers on it vs a 10' . A 6x10 is still too narrow to put a 50" and a 36" side by side, for example, and end to end they might not fit.

    Whatever you get, spend more to get the quality you need. It'll last forever and what you save going cheapo would be negated with repairs and lost time. A must have is a foot with a wheel on it that is very solid and won't break. Tubular steel for the ramp rather than angle irons too.

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