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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kamiakaze, Jun 5, 2007.

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    any ideas, about overseeding, in michigan i was wondering what and how to do it,should i do it in the fall, and would rye seed from an elevator be good or should i use grass seed, what are the benifits
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    Aerate, then overseed in the fall with ryegrass seed. Not pasture rye from an elevator unless you want an extremely low germination rate and/or more weeds than grass. Do not "cheap" out when purchasing grass seed, always get the best quality you can. I would also put down a Kentucky Blue(in the fall also)for the spring and summer. Annual ryegrass will be good for keeping the grass green over the winter untill a heavy snowpack.
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    It depends on how much time your client is willing to pay you for. Broom raking your seed in with a layer of topsoil or compost and soaking it good with daily irrigation produce the best results I have ever seen.
    Fall is a relative term depending on where you live. The seed I put down at the time the pine needles started dropping did not do well. Everything through August to that time did great.

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