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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by patron, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. patron

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    Hi This a 16 Hp self propelled Lesco Blower
    I could not get it to do it for me today, but the problem is after about running for 3 to 5 minutes. Hdy oil begins to flow out of the vent in the oil cap. This machine is used about 30 to 50 hours a year. I've had it about 8 years and this problem developed out of the blue one day. Since it didn't do it for the camera I'm just wondering what might cause a problem of this nature?


  2. Restrorob

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    You don't have the tank over filled do you ?

    In the center of the cap I believe there is a small piece of foam that filters trash from getting through the vent, This foam could be rotted away leaving a open hole for the oil to be vibrated through.
  3. MowerMedic77

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    You need to check all of your suction side hydro lines and fittings. Something is loose and sucking air into the system and causing the hydro oil to foam out of the top of the reservoir tank.
    Good luck and hope this helps:)
  4. patron

    patron LawnSite Member
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    No cap is good oil level is correct.
    When it was coming through the vent it was sort of tan
    the next morning back to normal.

    I'll try and run it longer next time to re create the actual event.
  5. patron

    patron LawnSite Member
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    thanks wasn't sure where to start looking have two of these and they have been mostly trouble free.
  6. Restrorob

    Restrorob LawnSite Fanatic
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    Tan looking oil is a sign of moister/condensation in the oil which will cause a higher than normal oil level when cold. Once ran for a while (warmed up) the moister/condensation burns out and the oil returns to the original color and level.

    We had this very problem with new units being driven to the front of our building daily for display. They don't get ran to running temps going this little distance so condensation builds.

    Once a week they are left running and brought up to temp to burn this condensation out.
  7. patron

    patron LawnSite Member
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    This sits 10 months out of the year
    Started this afternoon so i could post to this board.
    when problem first was happening in november i just shut machine down. went an got a new filter and then season was over.
    so i'll let it run even longer tomorrow and see what happens
    have about month an a half b4 i need it.
  8. patron

    patron LawnSite Member
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    Ran it today for 45 minutes no problem.

    Maybe is was mouse crap?

    Thank for all the help:)
  9. 2stroke

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    i grew up in Hudson Ohio. small world.

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