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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jsr2741, Aug 3, 2004.

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    I started noticing my Dodge cummins not performing as it had been about a week ago. I have an edge comp box on it at first I thought the box might be going bad or it was the vp44 (fuel pump) getting ready to crap out. Today while pulling my equipment I was starting up a hill, doing about 45 in 5th gear, I accelerated and nothing, no response, nothing. Then all of a sudden it just took off. It did this to me again coming out of a sub-division, I shifted into 3rd and nothing. Clutched it and pressed the accelerator a few times, back into gear and it was fine.

    I stopped by my neighbors who's a mechanic and he said it sounded like the waste gate was going bad. Does this sound like it could be the culprit.
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    More info.. make model yr... any check engine light on?
  3. jsr2741

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    '02 2500 HD 4x4. No check engine lights are on. Here in the Lou the union shops are all on strike. I was fortunate to find the business card of the Dodge mechanic; after I posted the first time, who put some goodies on for me last year and his shop isn't union. He said it sound like the pick up pump or the vp44 (which is my guess). Guess I'll not cut tomorrow and run it to the shop and hopefully get it in.

    I still haven't figured out why Chyrsler had Cummins fit that stupid vp44 higher than the fuel tank. Thats just dumb engineering.

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