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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowerboy04, Aug 31, 2004.

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    ok heres the deal i don't have enough money for a track vac or a collection systm for leafs for my tractor so any other ideas about picking up leafs?
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    Manual labor........................:D

    Blowers, rakes and tarps.
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    I have a 10 HP Little Wonder blower and it is a fantastic machine!!!! However you could also get a Grass Gobbler and get the Leaf Gobbler extension for the catcher, for your Bob-Cat. I have a Grass Gobbler for my Bob-Cat mower and it works great, not only for the grass but also for the leaves!!!!
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    I just got a PM from someone who asked the same question, and has about the same calibur of setup as what you do. Here's is what I told him. I hope this helps.

    Ok, were you the guys that were talking about using their backpack blower to move yards full of leaves? Anyway, with the equip. rundown that you guys have, here's what may seem to be the most efficient way for you guys to do this. Use your backpack for beds, corners, and hard surfaces (cement) only. Use your mower to windrow the leaves into rows. Your mower can move leaves faster than you could ever rake or your backpack could move them..especially with an accumulation. The beauty of it is, is that while you are moving them row by row, they are getting more and more chopped up. Many of times, you may have to use just under a full decks width. Do NOT let the row get so heavy that the leaves move too slow. There is a breaking point that you just move beYOND that row and start another...moving the most leaves the fastest. (Sometimes too much is too slow). Once you have another row cut (started), you can double back to your previous row, and lower your rpm's and even use your chute to limit the throw. You will do this to all your rows. This will get each row about as narrow as you can. Do NOT rake these up into "piles". This is just wasted work. What you will do, is if you are using a tarp, you will lay the tarp out lengthwise along side of the length of the row. Rake the leaves up onto the tarp, and pull the tarp down to the next tarplength. Repeat. When you pull the tarp down to the next length, you can go a little past that, as you are raking onto the tarp from the end corner, as well. This saves time with less stops of the tarp over the whole length. Also, when you rake these onto the tarp, you will each step on the corners of the tarp that are against the row. This tightens the tarp and allows them to be pushed up on it easier (less go under the tarp). For the little bit that you DO miss that doesn't go onto the tarp,... don't worry about it. It takes to long to fuss with trying to lift up the corners of the tarp to get under it. Just pull the tarp down to the next length, as I said before, THEN you can go back the last 10 feet and quickly sweep the leftover leaves toward the row and the tarp. (Remember the little bit that you pulled the tarp past the end of the row?) Also, if you have a place to dump on the propery, like a field or something, if the rows are pointed toward that, start at the point FARTHEST AWAY from where you are taking them (this applies to dragging them to a truck or trailer, also). The reason being, is that then you are dragging less weight - less distance. For example; If you are at point A and you are going to dump at point B, start at a, and move toward point B. In other words, if you are going to drag leaves to the street, start tarping at the point farthest away from the street. This way, you aren't picking up leaves, dragging them AWAY from where you are going to dump them, and then dragging them TOWARDS where you are going to dump them when the tarp is full. Also, always know what way the wind is moving. Use Mother Nature on your side! If the wind is out of the west, then MOVE the stuff with the wind. If you are bagging, then do the same thing with the rows, and pick them up into the bags. Do not rake them into piles, as you can move right down a row faster than the time it takes you to push all the leaves back and forth into piles. Also, this applies to anytime you pick up grass in windrows, Save all the pushing back and forth to pile the stuff up for the amateurs. All you are doing is spending extra time piling material up into heavier piles to move onto your tarps. Also, if this is about all you have right now for equipment (nothing wrong with that), you MAY want to have someone assisting with the backpack for getting around trees, and closing in areas that light with leaves, but still wide area. Remember, WORK the blower - keep the hose moving back and forth. Don't expect the blower to just do all the work. You have to STAY BEHIND the stuff, and stay wide - working back and forth. Don't get caught up into the "blinder" thing where you are pushing 4 ft. wqide paths, and backing up and pushing anot 4-5 ft. path right next to it. Stay behind the whole thing like a giant sweeping action. Also,.. GET A TRUCK or atLEAST a trailer! LOL Good luck to you guys, and if I can be of any assistance, or if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have a good season!

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