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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RSK2, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. RSK2

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    hi guys

    i a 6 - 12 ft trailer and a 5 - 8 trailer that sits outside i have a
    toro 355z on the 6-12 i have it locked to the trailer and have a
    lock on the trailer. where i live it is had to find it you don't know
    were you are going. but the last few day's there is a red truck that have
    Ben coming past my house and the other day the one rad truck came past
    and about 2m latter a green truck came past. there was a co. that got
    a $ 11.000 stolen of of them. what is the best way to lock done the trailers
    i was going to take the tires off each one but that will be a pain in the @$$
    to have to put it back on ever day. i park my truck at night so you can not
    get the trailers but if i have to go some were you can move the the 5-8 to get to the 6 - 12. i got the 6-12 last year and put a lot of money in it making trimer racks etc... any info on this thanks guy's :dizzy: :dancing:
  2. DSLND

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    If i had this scenario i would do alot of things. Maybe look into an enclosed trailer or a storage unit depending on where u live at i live in the country and its a great neighborhood but if a unit is far away u might have to spend the time and Gas $$ but ur $7000 dollar investment would be safe. Like my grandpa who was an antique car collector owned a 3 stall garage in a sort of bad neighborhood but it wasnt horrible and he passed away in 99 and he left me and my bro each a car that we liked that he bought he got a 69 Mustange Convertible and i got a 68 VW convertible and we were getting ready to sell the garage and there was a new bike/walking trail put right next to it and when we were moving cars around a guy on a blue bike kept going by and i didnt notice it but my freind did and that night we got a call from the people who were buying it saying that somebody tried to break into the garage and steal the car but only got the lock off not the in door lock but now the cars are out at my house and we have a 3 stall its a 2 stall and then a 1 stall and i get the one stall for my 5x10 trailer, tractor, plow and tools. O yea might look into the carports that u can enclose at like menards and lowes a 2 stall enclosed with a door is like i think $2400 or something. Hope This Helps:walking:

  3. CutRight

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    get your pistol permit
  4. lawnmaniac883

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    I have seen locks for trailer hitches that have a ball that sits inside the receiver while not in use and is locked into it. Or for that matter, just get and extra ball and stuff it inside then throw one of those armored locks on? Also, the way you park the trailer can make it vulnerable or not. If you back into the driveway then that is an invitation but if you drive forward, unhook, then go into garage with truck or something like that. . . JMO can never be too safe
  5. RSK2

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    from PA
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    i have my pistol permit
  6. RSK2

    RSK2 LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    hi i have 1 more ?? i have a ford f 250 and a few other trucks but is there a way you can find out how many trucks of that year were maid 1992 ford etc..
    do any one know anythings about this thanks
  7. gammon landscaping

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    if there is a telphone pole on your property back you trailer up to it get a heavy chain and snake it under you trailer from the tounge to the pole and leave a few feet of slake, try to keep all of this out of site. so if joe ******* backs up and hooks up to your trailer and takes off we will be in a rush and will get a good running go before he rips off his bumper. bad side it might hurt your trailer good side his bumper and licence plat may get left for you to give to the cops

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