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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SpringbrookLawn, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Ok, well hello all im new to the site.
    Im currently in the process of purchasing a lawn buiz from a family member.This will be my first buiz.I have been in the profession for 4-5 years thou working for someone else.

    This buiz is a great deal in my eyes.Comes with trailer,(1)60 or maybe its a 61 inch bob cat rider(less then 500 hours),(1)Kinda of a junker walk behind,(2) shindawia 260 whips,(1)shindawia stick edge,(2)redmax eb 6200's,plus many other little things all for around $4500.O and also 29 residential accounts.

    Well my question is He does not have contract with about half these accounts.The accounts are nice accounts ranging from $20-$90 per cut.And i would like to keep these.I would like to get them to sign a contract with me so im guaranteed to keep them. He has had most of them for over 3 years, no contract.So im not sure how to go about this.I Figured maybe i would cut them a few times and show them how good my work is and then try to get them to sign.I have cut most of them before and i know i can make them look beautiful.He really didnt get to much in the stripping and straight as an arrow lines.But thats all i have been about for the past 5 years.So i know they will like my work.

    Any suggestions would be great.And i will honestly appreciate it.
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    Don't worry about contracts. When doing residentials, keep it simple. Buying accounts is always a scary event to begin with for both the buyer as well as the customers. If he's been doing these customers for 3 years without a problem and no contract, why mess with it. If you come in after a few weeks\months and all of a sudden ask people for one, you'll scare half them off. Guys put too much emphasis on contracts. They can be broken in 30 days by either party by law, so does 30 days really matter that much. We do about 130 residentials a week, none of them have a contact and we have been servicing them for over 6 years. We have also bought out an existing landscape operation quite a few years back and none of the 50 clients had a contract. We lost not one of them in the interim. Just continue the reliable and freindly service and you'll be fine. The price on the deal is a good one as well. Good luck.

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    Lbmd, you do have some good points. Theres many that will go the contract route, which I have done myself without any problems. They're not really that big of a deal, but in case anything happens where the company doesn't get paid, you have black and white stating that they must. Either way you market your company do so, but with good work and great customer service, you'll have plenty of customers for years to come
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    JUst get him to put in a good word for you.You've been doing the same kind of work for 4 to 5 years and lord knows you do good work or you wouldnt have had the job that long. "i hate planting flowers"

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