Any Input on TYM Tractors?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by snowjeep, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. snowjeep

    snowjeep LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dont know who makes them but they look pretty cool. I like they have factory cabs for compacts down to 23hp.
  2. dbear

    dbear LawnSite Senior Member
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    Tong Yang Moolsan of South Korea, or TYM, builds their own tractors. They have also rebadged their CUTs for Mahindra for some time. By most the reports I've seen, they seem to be a decent machine.

    There's more info/input from actual owners available over on TractorByNet, including separate forums for both TYM and Mahindra.
  3. Dtreefarm

    Dtreefarm LawnSite Member
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    TYM tractors look, sound good. Dealer support seems to be the down fall. As in they only seem to last a short amount of time selling the tractor line. Had a dealer locally and he did not make it a year. I know a hay producer who bought the 90hp model and is not impressed. Alot of little problems seem to plague his tractor, bucket dumps violently, assorted electrical and minor mechanical miladies on top of poor dealer support.... OH yea, the original dealer he purchased the tractor from is no longer. Luckly he found another dealer but, try getting a dealer to do warranty work on a piece of equipment that you did not buy from them.... I too looked at them but avoided tym.
  4. Mel Hugo

    Mel Hugo LawnSite Member
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    Resale value is terrible. My local Kubota dealer won't even enertain a trade.
  5. dbear

    dbear LawnSite Senior Member
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    Never understood statements like this. Did you ever stop to consider that since you're paying more for a 'bota, or a Deere, you'd expect, if not demand, a higher trade-in value? Why would you even take trade-in value into account when spec'ing out a tractor?

    I don't buy a piece of equipment to trade it in, I buy it to work it, and spec it accordingly.
  6. Dtreefarm

    Dtreefarm LawnSite Member
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    TYM from the start is going strong for a "Here in the morning gone soon after dark" kind of tractor brand:). I know around this area, not much respect held for montana brand and TYM. Had a dealer locally that sold both, only lasted about 7 years and the montana brand tractor and parts was gone, TYM lasted a little longer but suffered the same fate. Also they are RARELY seen on the big three tractor lots kubota, NH, Deere as trade-ins. They don't want to be stuck with a lame horse. So it makes sense to me that the dealer will not even deal on a trade-in with a TYM. Not that a dealer look'n to entertain or gain a client shouldn't take one for a trade.... just don't expect to get a kings share for it.
  7. dbear

    dbear LawnSite Senior Member
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    While I can think of only one dealer within about 90 minutes of me (Zephyr Knoll Farms), I don't think the lack of dealers is because of a lack of commitment from TYM. I'd be more willing to bet that the local customer base just hasn't been willing (Can you say "lack of marketing"?), or financially able, to give them a go. Despite that, there are still dealers kicking around, especially on the internet, to support these "orphan brands" for people who already own one. I don't consider this to be a motiviating factor to get rid of a TYM. If it's working for ya, keep it. My neighbor bought the cab model (T700?) last year for his horse farm and absolutely loves it.
    I know one problem Montana had, and it's more a symptom of the world economy we now find ourselves living in, was that, because they don't manufacture anything themselves, their models changed as their suppliers changed, thereby complicating their product and dealer support. Same was true for Long Agri Business (aka LandTrac (Mitsubishi) and FarmTrac (LS)), so much so that it destroyed them. In contrast, Mahindra, who doesn't make their own CUTs, has changed CUT suppliers at least once, and seems to be doing fine. Could be some management isses involved too.
    It stands to reason, and only makes good business sense, to only invest in those items you can resell. Depending upon the age of many "domestic" models offered for trade, many dealers won't take them either. No different than car dealers. And as I already mentioned, if you didn't pay a lot to obtain it, why would you expect a lot to trade, or sell, it?

    Don't get me wrong here. I have no vested interest in TYM. I just believe in the saying that "just because the path is well beaten doesn't mean it's the right one". No harm in keeping an open mind and researching all available options, and then making your decisions based upon facts.

    I've been kicking around getting a CUT or SCUT for a few years now (low priority in the CFO's eyes). It's because of this process, that I've decided I will never own a 'bota product. Got nothing to do with their products, but everything to do with my two local dealers being jerks. Other than 'bota and Jinma, I haven't ruled out any other brands.
  8. Dtreefarm

    Dtreefarm LawnSite Member
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    Before I bought the jd 790 or just a yanmar built to deere specs, I looked at all colors of tractor including TYM. The TYM dealer here did not have a shop, they worked out of a big garage and always seemed to have "issues" getting any warranty claims for many customers. So, yea.. customers have a legit warranty claim on new tractor but dealer says sorry, symptom of world economy, we never really manufactured parts or that tractor anyhow:confused: Thats a killer in any customer base. I looked at dealer support, as in real support not 'internet' parts, and yes resale value cause' it will help come time for an upgrade. Funny thing you should mention your local "bota" dealers as jerks, have the same issues here but same jerk sells NH or re-badged shibiruas or how ever its spelled, so the blue was out of the question too.

    Evaluate tractor usage, Look at all brands available in your area, then talk to the dealers of the tractors best fitting the needs and you will have it narrowed down pretty quick as to who's brand you want to buy/own. It just happened to be the deere for me. For snowjeep, thats the best recommend I can give on a TYM
  9. lawn king

    lawn king LawnSite Silver Member
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    You get what you pay for. I have been running kubotas for the last decade, yes they are a lot more expensive but they are arguably the highest quality cut on the market, I cant afford to have my machine down and kubotas rarely break down.
  10. myyaz33

    myyaz33 LawnSite Member
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    I would agree that you do get what you pay for, but so far I feel I got a lot when I bought my TYM T273. It has a few minor issues which have all been covered under warranty, but for the most part it has been a great machine. I use it for light backhoe work, large lawn aeration jobs, tons of shrub/hedge removals, landscaping & general loader work. It really is nice being able to get on a lawn and not tear it up. The backhoe can get into some tight places.

    I am lucky to have 2 dealers pretty close and both are full time tractor dealers. This dealer network does vary across the US as many have mentioned so I would consider that in making a purchase. I owned a Kubota before the TYM and really liked it too however the cost of a new one was prohibitive for my usage. Kioti would have been my first choice however the dealer was just too far away..

    If you have any specific questions you would like answered about the T273, feel free to ask.

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