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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by grassmasterswilson, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I was thinking this morning about the possibility of custom applications on places like golf courses, athletic feilds...etc. I was thinking of offering GPS application or lime and fertilizer, straight rate applications, and mabey spray applications.

    I haven't looked into equipment cost, applications cost, or even talked with grounds keepers. Would any of you guys be interested in a service like this? What do you think you would be willing to pay per acre for application? I figured I could get a cheaper rate with bulk lime/fert than bag.

    I worked at a farm supply store for a while taking soil samples and we applied on farms with GPS. I thought this may be worth a shot.
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    If you haven't had any spraying experience on a golf course, good luck getting on one. They are not going to let you practice spraying on their course. If you mess up, the superintendent most likely will be looking for a new job. Plus, the insurance for spraying on a golf course may be higher due to property value.

    I worked for an aerification company. We were drill and filling greens. I made a little, hardly noticable scuff, and the super wasn't happy. They are under a lot of stress to make that course perfect, if not they have no or little job security and they are gone.
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    Not to burst your bubble, most if the superintendent is any good at all, he's got a GPS in his head. He'll know where each spot that needs attention is without having to look at an electronic device.

    I had a guy working for me over the winter. He was trying to sell a verti-cutting machine to golf courses.

    99% of them either have very little or no money, or just do the work in house.

    I'd say with the "slow down" in the economy, and the fact alot of places golf courses are over-built, that they're going to feel the pinch more than most.

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