Any John Deere Reps Here?


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If anyone is a Deere rep, please pm me or say G'Day here, I'm hoping someone can make an enquiry for me about my 997 rear screen problem, and radiator sealing problem at the usa factory.

these problems are apparently in the system my dealer says, but no updates available, appreciate some help please :)

Info is on this dragged out flogged thread LOL.


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Tony, if that was my mower I would be po big time! I hope you get your problem solved or given a replacement. In my state if you buy a JD you have 30 days no question asked for a full refund if you are not happy. My 2 JD z-tracs have been real good but I have not owned a 997 and dont believe I want one after seeing your problems and the pizz poor way it has been handled. Im affraid I would become JDs worst nightmare:angry:


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that's why I'm using the power of this forum to get heard, I've tried the 'normal' ways, now gotta do it the down n dirty way, one way or another I'll get heard and my mower will get fixed, the longer they egnore me, the more potential sales they lose, simple.

I've had other threads since my purchase asking for help, telling all, but it didn't get anyone's attention from deere.

I wanna play nice and all, but I've been pretty patient, and they were the ones being smart ass and arrogant when I asked to talk to someone about it.

Bloody chic told me my mower didn't even exist!

I kept the email.....she was a shocker, hated my guts accent thing he he he

All they have to do is honestly contact me and tell me what they can do and when, but they won't, even my country deere won't...must be a deere thing.


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Tony, I will call JD tommorow myself and see if I can direct them to this thread. I will tell them we have 25k plus members and I will not buy anymore of their machines until they make some effort to solve your problem. May not do any good but it worked for me 5 years ago dealing with Toyota, got their attention.


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Tony We shoot deer down this way if thats a help! :rolleyes:
Good luck with it all.
i know you have had probs basically since day 1 and that is the very reason i havent chased that deere product i was interested in that we have discussed and you had the initial info on for me.


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Tony, I have been following your problems ever since you bought your unit, I also bought a 997 the same week you did, on the other side of the planet. I have had very little blockage on the back screen and none inside the engine compartment at all. IMO I think it all points to the rear discharge system you have. The clippings are all being blown right where the air is being pulled thru the radiator. You have pointed that out before. Do you think Deere is just to stubborn to admit they have a poor design? Maybe this system was approved on a Monday morning after the chief designer dropped a ton of money on a bunch of American rules football games and he was just not having a good day and he wanted this thing out of his face so he could try to think of some way to tell his wife they have to morgage the house again! I`m on a rant here but I do hope you get your machine fixed and back to work ASAP. I`ll keep watching for your posts,


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Give em hell Tony!

If it helps any, I'll boycott JD. I never bought anything from them and don't intend on buying anything from them so I've been boycotting them for along time for you! :D