Any key suggestions for a Fall-cleanup contract?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MR HYDROSEED, Oct 27, 2006.


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    Last year I got screwed over from an older couple because I didn't come for 3 days while cleaning their yard. It was Thanksgiving Weekend. They said they didn't know if i was cming back or not so they bagged up what I had left to suck up with my truck vac. They said, we called you several times and couldn't reach you, I then asked did you leave a message??? They replied, NO. So I sent them a bill for all the work i did, probably 20 hours! They sent the invoice back minus 50%. I was bull shut, but what could i do? This year I need contracts for everything, I can't believe how many times I got screwed last year! I went my first year without a hitch, second with a few and this year was terrible! I'm not giving up yet.

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